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Spring Break—Look no Further than Out Your Front Door! 

by Kelsi Shelton

Spring break and Central Oregon go together like bacon and chocolate. It’s not the most assumed combination (Bend will never be Cancun or Florida), but after giving it a try, Bend wins for being an unexpected delight to a broad spectrum of spring break adventure-seekers. And for the lucky ones of us who already live here, it makes our travel expenses enviable.

The inaugural week of spring (spring break typically runs from March 24-28) is a sweet spot for Central Oregon, given Mt. Bachelor has one of the longest running seasons in the US (usually ending in May), and given the average high in March is in the 50s (the low is 27).

This means nature’s playground is at its peak— you can hit the slopes in a t-shirt (or at least without hand warmers and heavy jacket), enjoy a hike or climb at the world-renowned Smith Rock, play a round at Tetherow, and then relax at night under the impossibly starry Central Oregon sky.

Looking for more spring break inspiration that happens just out your front door? Take in some of these options:

- Learn all about where your local food comes from during The Local Farm and Ranch Tour hosted by The Well Travelled Fork (3/22,24,29)
- It’s a beautiful time of year to go snow shoeing! Bonfire in the Snow Snowshoe Tours (3/22, 25, 28, 29)
- With the sunny blue skies but moderate temps, it’s perfect weather to enjoy the Sunriver Mudslinger Spring Break Mud Run (3/23)
- Learn the Culinary Secrets of Central Oregon Tour (3/28, 25)
- Wanderlust will pick you up at your door and take you on a libation tour via the The Local Pour Brew, Wine, and Spirit Event (3/25)
- No better way than to eradicate polio than by sampling some of the world’s finest beer during Pints for Polio Bend Pub Walk (3/29)
- Enjoy some folk culture at the Sisters Folk Festival (3/29)
- Tetherow’s golf course opens for the 2014 season! (3/28 for Members, 3/29 for guests)
Visit www.visitbend.com for more information and get ready for a spring break staycation!

Prepping for Golf Season with Big Plans


 New landscaping and renovations to the range and hole #7 are on the horizon 
by Chris Condon

Hello from the golf course maintenance staff.  We hope that everyone enjoyed the Holiday Season whether it was spent enjoying the sunshine and lack of snow here in Bend, or somewhere a little warmer? February is always the month that the golf course maintenance staff begins gearing up for the golf season.  It is the last quiet month before the crew returns and everything becomes hectic once again.  That being said, March is going to be a particularly busy month for the golf course maintenance staff.  In addition to preparing the golf course for opening, we are undertaking a few large scale projects including the landscaping around the new Tetherow Lodges and renovating the practice range tee. We are getting as excited as you are for the 2014 golf season!

As we break ground on the landscape installation in February around the newly constructed Tetherow Lodges, we will also be forming the Tetherow Landscape Department. The goal is to create a sustainable, dynamic and naturally believable space that will connect both visually and functionally with the golf course and its natural surroundings. Our approach to this project is to draw design inspiration from the areas surrounding the golf course and create a space utilizing native plants and local materials that will yield enhanced resort continuity and elevate our environmental stewardship.

To accomplish our design principles, we are undertaking a unique and unconventional approach to the landscape construction process in order to create a space that we envision. All the plant and landscape materials utilized during the project are indigenous to the Central Oregon region. The plant material we have selected for the project will include many of the current inhabitants found around Tetherow, along with native flowering perennials to provide seasonal color and interest.  Approximately 80% of the plant material and 100% of the additional landscape features will be transplanted from in and around Tetherow.  It is hard to get more local than that!

Once the Tetherow Lodges’ landscape is finished, we will use this project as a model for our work to further the vision and goals of the Tetherow Landscape Department.  We plan to utilize our expertise and experience to provide services to the new and existing homes around Tetherow. As the Tetherow Landscape Department starts on a new path, the golf course maintenance staff will use their wealth of knowledge for some new projects.

We are scheduled to start a practice range tee renovation the last week of February. The plan for the practice range tee is to strip the existing grass, level the tee, and lay new Kentucky bluegrass sod.  If the weather cooperates, the stripping and grading of the tee will be completed by March 1st followed by installing the new sod as soon as the farms are able to cut and deliver.  This project will provide a temporary solution to a larger issue with the practice range tee that will be addressed in the future.

The ultimate goal for the practice range tee is to enlarge the overall playing surface to provide enough space to accommodate our increasing membership and resort guests.  As we provide a plan to increase the size of the tee we will also be utilizing creeping bentgrass sod to emulate the playability of our fine fescue.  The creeping bentgrass will provide a more durable surface in the future for the practice range tee.

Along with the landscaping and tee renovation, we are in the planning stages of a green renovation for hole #7.  Over the coming months we will be consulting with David McLay Kidd to increase the playing surface area and overall playability of the green.  Tentatively renovations will start this fall and be completed for the start of the 2015 golf season.

As always, your comments, questions, and concerns are very important to us.  Please contact me at [email protected] at any time. Thank you for your support and we will see you soon. We are Bend Oregon at it’s finest!

December Foursome of Golf Winner


Bend’s Jeff Jernstedt won by signing up online

Bend resident Jeff Jernstedt is the lucky winner of a foursome of golf at Tetherow, just by signing up online! Here’s a bit about Jeff, in his own words:

“I started playing golf over 40 years ago, and enjoyed playing golf on the Linfield College team back in the day when woods were actually made of wood and balls had balata covers.  I first played a David McLay Kidd course the day Bandon Dunes opened in 1999 and saw Tetherow before the grass had sprouted.  Both are now among my favorite courses.  I can’t wait to treat my friends to a round (or two!) at Tetherow this spring!”

Thanks Jeff, we look forward to seeing you then.

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