2014 Ceilidh: Ladies Invitational Results 


by Nate Kitt, Asst. Head Professional

The Ceilidh: Tetherow’s toughest event to pronounce. Many might try “See-Lid,” but I have a sneaking suspicion that few would know the actual enunciation of “Kay-Lee.” This Gaelic term means “party” and the events that transpired Thursday night could not have represented a “Ceilidh” any better. The festivities kicked off with a cocktail hour followed by a Par 3 Social. What does that mean, one might ask. Let me tell you, if this part of the event doesn’t having you coming back year after year, then I don’t know what will. With gambling specialist Kelly Wechter on hand, we decided to facilitate a special kind of “Five Card Draw,” in which on every hole the participants would have the opportunity to trade out a card out of their hand. Sounds kind of ordinary, right? Well, when the trade out opportunities include playing the hole with only your putter, tossing cornhole bean bags, “Frisbee golfing” and hula hooping, the events were anything but ordinary! With many laughs, good friends, a reliable “booze boy,” and good tunes, the atmosphere was electric. After a long, hot day of preparations, we all needed a bit of refreshment. What the golf staff was not expecting was Louis announcing that if you hit a golf pro with a water balloon, you would have the opportunity to change out a card. Although the successful hits felt quite nice, I have never seen so much passion in a water balloon fight!

The actual tournament started Friday morning with the two-person scramble format. With contests for both net and gross scores, the scores were very interesting after Day 1 with four points separating the top two gross teams and only ONE point separating the top two net teams. The first day of the tournament also included a hosted lunch on the course and a light lunch following play. The big dining experience of the week was Friday night at the Ceilidh dinner with spouses invited. I was unable to attend, but based on Saturday morning reactions, I wish I the opportunity to try the “apple pinwheel,” the clear crowd favorite. For Day 2, the ladies competed in a net better ball of two format, which definitely provided a bigger challenge than the prior day’s format. After another 18 holes of peaks and valleys, success and despair, there was one clear gross champion and a tie for net champion! Mary Jensen and Cheryl Steppe capped off the week with a convincing win in the Gross category, while the Net division had to be decided between Shannon Bauhofer/Roxie Oglesby and Paula Sansburn/Angie Moore. After 36 holes of exhausting championship golf, the ladies thought it would be in the best interest of everyone to handle the tie in a scorecard playoff. We compared the Day 2 scores. Still tied. We compared the two teams back nine scores of Day 2. Still tied. We proceeded to compare the last 6 holes of the tournament and found that Team Bauhofer/Oglesby won by one! Congratulations to all winners of the event, and although it may sound corny, I believe all the competitors to be winners at the Ceilidh!

We want to send a huge thanks to our event co-chairs Mary Liebman and Shannon Bauhofer! The silent auction and raffle portion of the event raised nearly $3000 for local charity Saving Grace, and the ladies in charge deserve a huge ovation for their selfless efforts and generosity in time and valuable resources. Additionally, Kevin Gilman, Zac Hoffman, Mark Jones, Leann Schoales, and their respective staffs deserve to be recognized for their wonderful event coordination and food and beverage offerings! Lastly, I want to thank all of those who played and made this a memorable event for all of us. See you at next year’s Ceilidh!

2014 Burning Bush: Mens Golf Invitational Results


 Congratulations to overall winners Ian McLean & Troy Johnston
by Nate Kitt, Asst. Golf Professional

Burning Bush is undoubtedly the premier member event at Tetherow year in and year out.  This 2014 Men’s Invitational did not fail to impress anyone in the field with fierce competition and great camaraderie fuelled by the vibrant Tetherow culture.  The golf tournament was just the start of the festivities with a skills challenge including a penalty kick, putting course and “flop wall” on Thursday night and a Par 3 Tournament on Friday and Saturday nights.  The record number of 134 participants divided the field into 12 flights.  After five 9-hole (sometimes laborious) matches, the victors of each flight emerged.  Some flights were closer than others including a couple ties!  Below are the flights and their respective winners:

Flight 1 – NICKLAUS: Ian McLean & Troy Johnston

Flight 2 – WOODS: Chris Carter & Tony Battistella

Flight 3 – HAGEN: John Nolan & Cory Benner

Flight 4 – HOGAN: Jim Sansburn & Doug Armintrout

Flight 5 – PLAYER: Keith Kenneally & Al Zimmer

Flight 6 – WATSON: Jesse Felder & Mike McCarthy

Flight 7 – JONES: Mark Shields & Darryl Crawford

Flight 8 – PALMER: Matt Bassitt & Eric Thorson

Flight 9 – SARAZEN: Alex Eakin & Matt Miller

Flight 10 – SNEAD: David Kang & Ben Russell

Flight 11 – VARDON: Jon Carney & Clint Carney

Flight 12 – NELSON: Pat Mayer & Chris Shea

These twelve teams had the opportunity to play in the Championship Horse Race, and the resulting five holes were the most exciting of the week aside from John Post’s hole-out deuce on hole #4 and Toby Liter’s ace on #17!  All teams in the horse race competed in an alternate shot format with eliminations on each hole.  The holes to be played were 10, 11, 16, 17 and 18, with three teams eliminated after 10, three more after 11, two on 16, and one on 17 leaving two teams to duke it out on the remaining hole.

Long story short, remaining on or just off the 17th green after a few heroic tee shots were Ian McLean, Chris Carter, and Alex Eakin.  With Team Carter and Team McLean eyeing par putts inside of 10 feet, Matt Miller (Eakin’s guest) rolled a beauty of a par putt from 40 feet gently curling right towards the hole.  The moment of the tournament comes when Alex sees for a small fraction of a second the ball going in the cup, leaps into Matt’s arms splashing a cold beverage everywhere only to have the ball viciously lip out and come to rest about four and a half feet from the cup.  After Carter and McLean miss the shorter par attempts, Alex would need to make his bogey to enter into a three-man blind chip-off.  Just as everyone was about to cheer, his putt burned the low edge and unfortunately did not drop, leaving only the two teams to head to number 18 tee.  Troy Johnston and Tony Battistella were up to hit the drives, and both with a beautiful rhythm pounded a couple straight drives to the right side of the 18th fairway.

A couple of successful layups would leave the same two players to pitch from about 40 yards to the middle left hole location.  Chris is up first and gets an unfortunate bounce as his ball remains on the slope in the fringe left of the flagstick approximately 15 feet from the cup.  Next, Troy elects to hit a crafty bump-and-run shot and with just enough strength climbs onto the proper tier six feet below the hole.  Carter carefully trickles the speedy downhill putt just leaving it low, but secures a par 5 without any issue.  Next to play is Ian McLean, a former golf professional with something to prove, not only to everyone watching, but also to himself.  It was if in that moment, the gallery (at this point over 100 members, guests and staff), knew that this putt meant much more than winning a golf tournament to Ian.  After conferencing with Troy about how the putt would roll, he confidently lined up his ball and stroked it dead, solid, perfect in the back of the cup to claim the title!

The entire team at Tetherow would like to thank all those who participated as well as all of the hospitable organizations and sponsors that made it truly a fantastic celebration of golf, completion and good times!


Bringing the Course Back to Pristine Condition


Help up eradicate the Poa on July 28 – we’ll supply the beverages! 
by Chris Condon, Director of Agronomy

It has been a little more than a month from the herbicide application for Poa annua.  And that is in the past and the future is to solve the problem and get back to a great golf course.  We are working as quickly as possible with a plan to cure the unsightly areas on our greens. You have probably already noticed that we have done some over seeding and sod work on the severely damaged areas. The plan and the work will take some time so please help us in our efforts and think positively.

The biggest thing that we can do or ask for from our members and guests is patience.  Patience is the most important thing to remember in an instance such as this.  I promise that we will work as hard as ever to re-establish our greens to the quality putting surfaces that they were before the application.  Our efforts will be focused on two things; maintaining the playability of the greens while fixing the severely damaged areas.  I do not want to compromise the playability of the greens during this process.  I certainly do not want them to play poorly and look poor.

Along with patience we have planned to do the following depending on the severity of the area:

• Aerify and topdress to dilute the residual active ingredient of the herbicide so that new seedlings from the overseed can survive.

• Overseed with fine fescue and creeping bentgrass

• Re-sod

• Continue balanced fertilizer applications

• Roping off areas until they have been rehabilitated

• Implement and use pin locations that distribute the hole locations away from severely damaged areas.

There are many products available to golf course superintendents for use in controlling thePoa annua encroachment.  Most of these products are rather new to the industry so we do not know exactly what is going to happen when used.  There are many circumstances that can adversely affect the efficacy of these products which can be very difficult to anticipate.  We can only learn from our failures and not do it again and move on to the next product.

So how about a Poa Party?  We can get rid of the Poa the old fashion way, picking it out by hand.  Please join me on Monday July 28 at 6 pm.  Drinks will be provided!

As always, please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.  Contact me at [email protected].  I am always available to answer anything that you have concerning the golf course.

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