The Beauty of Green

 A passion for stewardship & green courses

Environmental stewardship is very important to Tetherow Golf Club.  Since the construction of the golf course to present day, an emphasis on environmental stewardship is at the forefront of our maintenance practices.  It started with the certification process through Audubon International as a Signature Sanctuary and it continues today on a daily basis.

Many of the factors that led to the certification were implemented during the construction phase of the golf course and we continue to use them currently.  Thinking ahead and moving forward in an environmentally conscious direction will ultimately allow us to leave the property that we call Tetherow in better shape than before day one of construction.

The certification process was only the beginning.  The desire to continue and promote environmental awareness for Tetherow Golf Club comes from the Golf Course Maintenance department.  It is our job to ensure that the programs set forth by Audubon International and the Oregon Golf Course Superintendents Association are implemented and scrutinized on an annual basis to improve the overall effort.  These two organizations have clear and concise programs that a golf course can follow to promote sound environmental stewardship.

Tetherow is very fortunate to be supported by both of these organizations and to have an ownership and golf course superintendent who believe strongly in our pursuit of sound environmental stewardship.  So far we have succeeded at Tetherow by the following: Becoming the first and so far only Certified Signature Sanctuary by Audubon International in the state of Oregon and for Chris Condon of Tetherow being the Chapter Winner in the resort category for the 2010 GCSAA/Golf Digest Environmental Leaders in Golf Awards.  These awards show others that we have succeeded but the real awards come from the hard work of many in our environmental efforts.  In particular, the work of a few volunteers should not go unnoticed.

One of the biggest reasons we are able to win awards, certification and continue our environmental efforts is the help from our volunteers.  In particular, Cal & Alice Elshoff and Erik & Mary Jensen have contributed a lot of time and effort to help us in our endeavors.  I personally want to thank them for all of their work and support in creating habitat for the many species of wildlife we see at Tetherow.

Volunteers help implement plans that will benefit the environment and without people such as Cal, Alice, Erik and Mary, it would be very difficult.  All of us at Tetherow would like to extend our gratitude to the four of you.

You have read what we have accomplished and who is lending a hand so far. What exactly are we doing to continue our efforts in our pursuit of being a good environmental steward?  Below are just a few items that we are doing:

  • Providing over 30 nesting boxes for various bird species.  Most recently, all but a couple of these nesting boxes were occupied with many having eggs ready to hatch.
  • Provide habitat for other animal species other than birds around the golf course.  There is a bat box on #6, a brush pile between #3 and #6 and the lakes have been stocked with Bluegill and Black Crappie which have grown to 4-6 inches in just a few years.
  • Using products that are either sustainable in their production or come from a waste product.  We are using fertilizers that contain plant waste, chicken waste and kelp that is harvested and processed in Ireland.  We create our own beneficial microbes that keep our ponds clean and clear, help with our nutrient release from our soils, produce better soil structure and control the mosquito population.
  • Pesticides are very limited in their use.  The only fungicide application we use is to protect the turfgrass from winter disease.  We have been able to virtually eliminate any disease outbreaks by maintaining the fine fescue dominate turfgrass.  Weeds are taken care of on a spot-spraying basis throughout the maintained portion of the golf course.  Anywhere else, hand picking/pulling is utilized.
  • The Fine Fescue and Colonial bentgrass mixture allow us the ability to use half as much nutrients and water compared to the other golf courses in the Bend area.  The maintenance practices of keeping the playing surface firm and fast allows us to utilize less water.
  • Educational opportunities –  Grade school class field trips and member open house to the maintenance facility allows us to provide answers to question that someone may have during the course of a round concerning the maintenance of the golf course.
  • Recycling, recycling and recycling.  A cornerstone of any environmental program.  What do we recycle?  Plastics, grass clippings, glass bottles, tree branches, paper, bedknives, food waste from the kitchen, wash water/rinse water, motor oil, plant material from thinning projects, rock, fertilizer jugs and barrels, etc.

Sound environmental stewardship is an ongoing practice.  We strive to learn new procedures or products that can help us with our efforts.  Most importantly, it is our responsibility to make a concerted effort to provide the best playing conditions while protecting the precious resources used on the golf course in the most economical manner.

I hope that you are enjoying the golf course and it was great to see all of you who attended our inaugural Golf Course Maintenance Open House.  It was a lot of fun.  As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to send me an email  at [email protected]


Thank you,

Chris Condon

Golf Course Superintendent

Tetherow Completes Restoration Project

Hard at Work

Chris Condon, Coulee Prince and the golf course maintenance crew at Tetherow recently completed a 2-year ongoing restoration project on Pine Mountain (part of the Bend Ft. Rock Ranger District of the Deschutes National Forest.)

As a team, they planted approximately 300 trees and shrubs on April 25 & 26 to provide food and cover for the mountain’s wildlife. Due to a reduction in hiding cover for mule deer, the goal was to enhance and increase browsing on winter range by planting mountain mahogany.  This tree/shrub is a superb source of nutritional value for deer, and is also utilized by many other wildlife species, including sage thrasher and Virginia’s warbler, which are highly tied to this habitat.

According to the US Forest Service, this shrubby, slow-growing tree belongs in the Rosaceae, or rose family; the common name derives from the dense, heavy wood of this tree, which sinks in water. Additionally, the leaves tend to curl. The scientific name for the genus is Greek and means “tailed fruit.”

The contorted shapes of older trees dominate their habitat, which is unfriendly for most other tall plants: rocky, gravelly slopes in high mountain areas, with little water and plenty sun. Typically, the plant has 1 to 4 main trunks; the trunks are not often obscured by foliage.

As an Audubon International Certified Signature Sanctuary, Tetherow is committed to maintaining, enhancing and preserving the beautiful area in which we live.  The tree planting is beneficial for many wildlife species that occur on adjacent public lands.


Keeping the bluegrass at bay this season: Annual Bluegrass or Poa annua and Silvery Thread Moss

Fighting the good fight!

These two plants are as frustrating as spring weather in Central Oregon.  The good thing is that we have the ability to semi-control annual bluegrass and moss.  Tetherow turfgrass has been growing for 5 years and it is maturing rather well.  The first hole (#3) was seeded in May 2007 and it has seen a lot of changes both in architecture as well as the maturity of the turfgrass.  With age comes a few blemishes and they are beginning to appear this season.  What can we do about these two plants?  Below is a brief explanation of what we can do to control them.

Annual bluegrass or Poa annua is a species of grass that is usually considered a weed in many cases.  Annual bluegrass grows in almost everywhere in the world.  The topic of annual bluegrass control can be very intense in the golf world.  There are many considerations to annual bluegrass control that can become exhausting when discussed.  As for Silvery Thread Moss, it is basically a nuisance and becomes unsightly.  Combine the two and the putting surface is adversely affected.    Tetherow is seeing some Poa annua establishment and we are slowing down the establishment process utilizing our knowledge and a few products on the market.

Disclaimer:  Annual bluegrass is inevitable.  Any turfgrass system ultimately becomes dominated by annual bluegrass.  Home lawns, sports fields, golf courses, parks all become dominated by annual bluegrass at some point in their life span.

The following is a list of ideas and products that we are using this season to provide the best results against Mother Nature and Poa annua:

  • Maintain fertility to a level where the fine fescue and bentgrass are competitive.
  • Promote deep rooting of fine fescue and bentgrass through deep and infrequent irrigation and the use of wetting agents.  Annual Bluegrass typically has a shallow root system so the developing plant would struggle to obtain adequate moisture.
  • Cut out young Annual Bluegrass plants from areas such as putting surfaces.
  • Use growth-regulating products such as Cutless and Embark.  Cutless selectively suppresses the growth of annual bluegrass to a greater degree than desirable turfgrasses, in our case, the fine fescue and bentgrass mix.  Embark is generally used for the seedhead suppression of annual bluegrass.  Annual bluegrass can flower and generate new seed at a mowing height of 1/8 of an inch.
  • Use a new herbicide, Xonerate, for the control of annual bluegrass.  This product is very new to the market and was registered for use in the State of Oregon in April.  Trials need to be done to ensure the safety of this product on our fine fescue/bentgrass mix.
  • Quicksilver is a herbicide used for the control of Silvery Thread Moss.  Last season we used the required amount of Quicksilver spread out over four applications, two in the spring and two in the fall.  We observed very good results from the product and will continue this season.
  • Iron can be utilized to help control Silvery Thread Moss.  Rates as high as 1 pound of Iron product per thousand square feet weaken the moss.  Appropriate timing of an iron application just prior to a Quicksilver application will be very effective.
  • Most importantly, we will improve the density of our putting surfaces. This helps control both annual bluegrass and silvery thread moss.  This season we are overseeding the greens three times with our usual fine fescue and bentgrass mix.

This season will provide the information that is necessary in order to produce a practical plan for annual bluegrass control.  Remember that annual bluegrass is considered both a weed and a desired plant.  Annual bluegrass is a weed when it begins to encroach on an existing turfgrass stand, such as ours.  Annual bluegrass is a desired plant when the natural conversion has occurred and it is now being maintained as a turfgrass stand.  The difficulty lies ahead for Tetherow.  An example of the conversion from planted turfgrass to one hundred percent annual bluegrass would be:

Tetherow (0% – 1%), Broken Top (50% – 75%) and Bend Country Club (100%)

I hope that everyone has enjoyed the golf course thus far and is looking forward to a great season.  I am hoping for great weather in May so that the golf course can really shine for our members and guests.  As always, feel free to drop me an email with any questions, concerns or comments at [email protected]

Thank you, Chris Condon, Golf Course Superintendent

The Newest, Friendliest Faces in the Golf Shop

Tetherow is pleased to welcome its two newest staff members to Golf Operations!  Assistant Golf Professional Kelly Wechter joins the Tetherow team from the Kah-nee-ta Resort.  Kelly was involved at Kah-nee-ta for 16 loyal years of service, the last three as an Assistant Golf Professional.  We are thrilled to have his enthusiastic, service-minded skills as a part of our team.

We are also pleased to welcome Nicole Geers as our Golf Shop Merchandiser.  Nicole joins Tetherow after seven years in the fashion and retail industry, most recently working for Men’s outfitting companies, Trunk Club and Hendrick’s Park.  Nicole moved to Bend from Chicago eight years ago, and is getting married this summer.


Please stop in and get to know our newest staff members when you’re here for your next round of golf.


A new face and flavor to Thump—11R’s Bobby Grover

A lot of changes are happening at Thump coffee! As of February 20th, Bobby Grover, Tetherow member and 11 Roasters owner, is now the official owner of one of downtown Bend’s most bustling and popular coffee shops.


Grover has owned 11 Roasters Coffee since 2007 (originally started up with former Patriots Quarterback Drew Bledsoe), and now, along with new ownership, he is also roasting a new Thump Coffee brand alongside 11R. Both coffees will be featured in the Thump location, which still has the same inviting look and feel as before the transition.


The main motivation behind purchasing Thump was so Grover could “control the coffee from farm all the way to the cup. A coffee bean starts out with so much potential.” He explains that each step of the process, from roasting to grinding and brewing to keeping the machinery clean and keeping the coffee fresh, all play a part in preserving the bean’s  integrity.


“By buying Thump, I feel I can keep the coffee in the 90th percentile of its full potential.” Grover now has the opportunity to serve coffee in which he can maintain and oversee this entire coffee spectrum.


As Grover is honing the art of coffee roasting, he loves to sip on a single origin macchiato. His favorite cup of good old fashioned Jo is Central American. “African coffees are fun and have bright big nuances, but the balance and drinkability of Centrals are where it’s at.”


So say goodbye to Stumptown Coffee and say hello to two meticulously crafted, local coffee brands at Thump.  Congratulations, Bobby, and we look forward to trying out some of your new coffee offerings in the same, cozy atmosphere that the Bend community has grown to know and love.


-Kelsi Shelton

Your dream is closer than you think at Tetherow!

2017 seemed like the distant future to Bend’s Tim Williams and his family. When they planned out their future, it looked like 2017 was the year they could fulfill their desire of living in Tetherow, a growing community on Bend’s Westside. Patiently waiting, they spent three seasons as guests of the Tetherow Golf Club, enjoying the Scottish links style golf, outstanding dining and a variety of social and family events. As the young family grew, so did their eagerness to live in such a convenient, growing area.

In 2011, the Williams family learned about Tetherow’s Jr. Executive Membership, which is available to those under 46 and includes a family membership to the Athletic Club of Bend for just $390 a month. It was the ideal opportunity to join Tetherow. When they saw an opportunity to purchase a beautiful homesite at a great price in late 2011, they realized they could build a home and actually make their dream come true within the next year instead of having to wait!

“The entire staff is so cohesive and you can tell they really enjoy their jobs. It makes such a difference when the staff is happy at a Club. We also love the other families living there, and the views and prime location to everything Bend has to offer just can’t be beat,” said Williams.

The Williams family is hardly alone in their migration to Tetherow. This budding community has experienced impressive growth the past 12 months. Tetherow welcomed 30 new families into the membership last year alone! With its ideal location – nestled between the Southwest edge of Bend and the Deschutes National Forest – the full Cascade Mountain views and award-winning golf, this renaissance is hardly a surprise.

Since January of 2011, 12 real estate contracts have been written, eight of which have closed with a property sale while the remaining four are pending. Construction begins on three custom homes between now and May. Additionally, local builders Greg Welch and Ryan Duble are both designing showcase homes that will begin construction this spring. They will boast mountain and fairway views, and range from $599,000 to $775,000. With a blend of primary residences and second homes, Tetherow is growing in leaps and bounds.

Tetherow’s Tripleknot Townhomes, which are in the first stage of construction, have already sold the model and construction should be complete by April, when the golf course opens for play.

Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty (CSIR) continues to represent real estate at Tetherow. Deb Tebbs, owner of CSIR, says the trend there is not unique. “Built inventory around Central Oregon is drying up. Buyers recognize that they may not find their dream home already built. With reasonable property prices and construction costs, many buyers are taking the opportunity to create their own dream home.”

A variety of membership options are available at Tetherow, with or without real estate purchase. The David McLay Kidd course is open April through October, while the Tetherow Grill is open year round, seven days a week. The facility is also available for weddings, events and meetings.

Tetherow is located on Century Drive, on the way to Mt. Bachelor, just past the Reed Market roundabout. Stop in for a bite and check out the stunning mountain views!

Tetherow Member Drew Bledsoe Inducted Into NFL Patriots Hall of Fame

Tetherow member Drew Bledsoe, father of four and husband to wife Maura, has recently been inducted into the

Drew and Maura Bledsoe

New England Patriot’s Hall of Fame. Bledsoe was the starting quarterback for the Patriots from 1993-2001 and subsequently played for the Buffalo Bills and Dallas Cowboys. He retired from the NFL in 2007.  I sat down with Bledsoe to discuss how this impacted his life, and how he has been directing his energy and passion into other, community-driven business endeavors.


Bledsoe says being inducted into the Patriot’s Hall of Fame was “a huge honor, especially for my kids.” His two older sons were just old enough to understand what it all meant that their dad played for and was retiring from the NFL. His younger son, Henry, was at the age where he just assumed everybody’s dad was a pro football player on national TV.


It was also an incredibly emotional experience for Bledsoe, since he had the privilege to go back to Massachusetts, meet the team, practice and hang out with current Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.  So many memories flooded back, considering he lived there from ages 21 to 30. “I moved there as a single 21-year-old and left married with two kids,” he says. Since retiring from the NFL in 2007, he and his family moved to Bend to establish roots and invest in the community.


After leaving a 14-year NFL career, Bledsoe realized he needed to channel his passions and energy elsewhere. Luckily for the Central Oregon community and beyond, he has been doing this by founding and developing various philanthropic endeavors, such as the organization of Parenting with Dignity. His parents, who were both school teachers, originally ran the program. His dad, who was also a motivational speaker, developed the parenting curriculum which coaches parents on how to communicate with their children. Drew saw the value and potential in this program, and expanded it to reach parents nationally. It has now reached over 3 million people.


The curriculum is a set of 10, one-hour tapes, which is used among the PTA, prison systems, church groups and even private home groups.  One of the main ideas behind Parenting with Dignity is to provide a framework for consistent communication techniques among parents and kids so children can experience a consistent, compatible communication style even as they spend time with other families and friends.


For Bledsoe, the most impactful aspect of Parenting with Dignity is working among prison systems. He said it is deeply rewarding to see fathers have the opportunity to learn how to develop relationships with their kids. He has seen it give fathers purpose for living and most importantly, it breaks the cycle. It is a healing experience for both fathers and children, and it gives children the hope and tools to raise their future children in a different way.


In addition, Bledsoe also created Doubleback Wineryin Walla Walla, which he started with his old neighbor and

Bledsoe kids helping to plant the vineyard

now highly-esteemed winegrower Chris Figgins. The winery’s grapes are harvested from McQueen Vineyards and Flying B Vineyards, all in the surrounding Walla Walla region. Doubleback is known for its more finessed, subtle and elegant Cabernet Sauvignons which makes them stand apart from the otherwise traditionally dense and dark Cabernets.


Bledsoe and his wife are both wine enthusiasts, and currently Oregon Pinots are on the top of Bledsoe’s list. He also has a passion for Italian wines, such as Barolos.


As far as balancing his hard work with play, Bledsoe appreciates the quality family time he finds on Tetherow’s golf course. Bledsoe says that he immediately knew he wanted to make Tetherow his Golf Club home when he discovered the course was designed by David McLay Kidd. He has had the privilege to play many of Kidd’s other courses, including Bandon Dunes and St. Andrews, and has always been impressed with Kidd’s course design.


Congratulations, Drew Bledsoe! We are honored to have you and your family as an integral part of the Tetherow community!

–Kelsi Shelton

Ask Tetherow’s Superintendant—Q&A with Chris Condon

Tetherow Golf Club’s Chris Condon is the vital “behind the scenes” guy to all things golf course and landscaping-related. He is the hard work behind ensuring the greens are properly maintained, invasive pests remain at bay, and golfers are happy with the speed and overall quality of the golf course. Essentially, without his hard work, Tetherow Golf Club in Central Oregon just may not have been nationally recognized and earned ranks in Golf Digest’s Top 100 Golf Courses.

Fresh from a pesticide conference which he attends annually, I asked Chris some questions about working at the best course in Bend, Oregon.

Q)     How long have you worked at Tetherow Golf Club?

A)      I have been the Superintendent at Tetherow since December 1, 2005.  I was involved in Tetherow from the very beginning, day one so to speak.  It was and has been a great experience to be involved in the project since the planning phases to today.  Not very many golf course superintendents get to be involved from day one.

 Q)     What were you doing before Tetherow Golf Club?

A)     Before coming to Tetherow, I was busy working for OB Sports.  Working for OB Sports has given me the opportunity to have worked in Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona and Wyoming.  Just before Tetherow, I had completed the opening season at the Three Crowns Golf Course in Casper, WY.  I was there during construction, grow-in and opening.

 Q)     How did you catch the Superintendant bug?

A)     I have worked in the golf course industry since I was 16 years old primarily to become an Evans Scholar (the movie Caddyshack is about the Evans Scholarship).  After earning the scholarship, I continued working at Broadmoor Golf Course in Portland, OR.  It was during college that I began working on the golf course maintenance staff and that was all it took.  One summer on the crew and I knew exactly what the future held for me.  I have been working on the golf course maintenance staff since.  Caddyshack is somewhat of a biography of my life only by coincidence.

Q)     When did you start golfing?

A)     I guess I was about 10 years old when I started golfing.  I did not actually become a decent golfer until late in high school.  I am still trying to become a better golfer.  If I did not work so much and play more I might actually surprise myself on how good I could be.

Q)     Who is your favorite golfer?

A)      My most favorite golfer was and still is Payne Stewart.  If I had to pick a current golfer, I would say Luke Donald.  His style of play closely resembles mine except that he is #1 in the world and I am #1 in my own mind. 

Q) What makes your tick at work?

A)  I was asked this during the interview process by David McLay Kidd.  My answer was and still is, I like to watch the grass grow and I love to watch a sprinkler run.  Those two things make me want to come to work on a daily basis. 

Q)     What makes you tick at home?

A)     Relaxing at home.  I enjoy a good meal, good drink, a funny movie or tv show and listening to music. 

 Q)     What is the most interesting part of your job?

A)     The interesting part of my job—and the most challenging–is figuring out how to get more done with fewer people and getting things done without anyone seeing us doing our job.

 Q)     What make working at Tetherow Golf Club unique?

A)     Working at Tetherow is definitely a unique experience. Because Tetherow is in Bend, Oregon, we are managing fine fescue in an arid environment which is the most unique.  I know of only one other course in a similar circumstance out of all the golf courses in the United States.  Definitely the look and style of Tetherow is very unique because I am/was in charge of how the golf course ultimately looks.  But I would say the most unique thing about Tetherow is those who are involved from Chris and William to the entire staff.  I have not been around a more passionate group of people who just want Tetherow to succeed.

 Check out Chris Condon’s article about his pesticide conference in January’s newsletter as well!

–Kelsi Shelton

Q&A with Chef Mulligan: Secrets to Success

Executive Chef Rian Mulligan has been creating fresh, innovated dishes at Tetherow for over two years. But his story isunique in that although he is one of the most talented executive chefs in Bend, Oregon, he never went to culinary school and just five years ago he was washing dishes for a living. But what he lacks in formal education, he exceedingly makes up for it with his drive, hands-on experience, and a genuine passion for cuisine.

Rian Mulligan

Mulligan started out at the Blacksmith, and quickly moved from dishwasher to line cook and then to sous chef. He was then recruited to be a chef at Tetherow Golf Club’s grill. After just six months at Tetherow Grill cooking up some of the best food in Central Oregon, he was promoted to Executive Chef.

Now, with our ever so popular 5 for $50 monthly wine dinners (the last two have sold out!) and our new Sunday brunches (the best brunch in Bend!), he has even more room to let his creative juices flow and prepare unique items to complement regional wines and Kevin’s famous bottomless mimosas. A recent addition to the brunch menu at Tetherow is vanilla orange crepes and an extensive breakfast cocktail list.

With a growing list of holiday parties scheduled at Tetherow (our cozy fireside room is the perfect holiday party space), Rian has been staying busy in the kitchen preparing special menus and items for the holidays, fall weddings and business luncheons. I asked Rian some secrets to his success and what makes being an Executive Chef at an award-winning golf course in Bend, Oregon so fulfilling.

Q) What inspired you to be a chef?

A) It was just something I was born to do. I just didn’t realize it until I got a job at a fine dining restaurant in Bend.

Q) How did you get promoted to be a chef so quickly?

A) I have been able to work to be the best at what I do, each step of the way. I am good at leading and motivating others and this allows me to lead my team in the kitchen at Tetherow. I also think people can see the amount of heart and passion I put forth every day.

Q) What is the best part about your job?

A) Being a chef is not a job to me, it is a way to express myself and make others happy with the skills I have learned. I also love how food can transport you to a fantastic old memory.

Q) How would you describe the journey to becoming a chef?

A) It took me five years of completely immersing myself in everything culinary related. During my first year in a restaurant, I would go to work at nine in the morning (off the clock) just to help out and ask questions. In the evening I would start washing dishes, mopping floors and cleaning until one or two in the morning on the weekends. After work, I would go home and research anything I had seen that day that I did not understand. I would even bring a research book and listen to the cooks talk after work and look up the terms they were using.

Q) What is the best part about your job?

A) Waking up in the morning and being excited to go do what I love. I love making new dishes for people and turning food into art. I also love to learn and I love to teach. I get great joy from teaching a new cook who is passionate about learning how to cook in a restaurant.

Q) What is the most challenging part?

A) The sacrifices to do what I love are numerous. I work anywhere from 10-16 hours a day depending upon the season. Usually, I will get five to six hours of sleep a night. Sometimes I will not get a day away from work for a month. I think the hardest part is that while many are having fun or spending time with their families during holidays or special events, kitchen people all over the world are working so people can enjoy themselves on these days (such as the Super Bowl, New Years, Fourth of July, etc…). This year was the first year I got to spend Christmas with my family in four years. But I would not want to do anything else. For me, it is worth it.

Q) What is your favorite dish to prepare?

A) It is one of my mom and dad’s recipes. It is not too exciting, but it brings back good memories for me: Teriyaki marinated flank steak with brown rice, mushrooms, a big Caesar salad and some sautéed vegetables.

Don’t miss our delicious Sunday brunch at Tetherow from 10 am-2 pm! For reservations, call the grill at 541.388.2582 x120

Our upcoming 5 for $50 Wine Dinner is Tuesday, November 29th featuring Chateau St. Jean from Sonoma. Chef Mulligan will prepare a five-course meal to be specifically paired with five selected wines. These relaxed and intimate dinners have been selling out so be sure to RSVP to the grill at 541.388.2582 x 120!

Tetherow offers the best holiday and special event space in Bend! Schedule your holiday dinner party at Tetherow and Chef Mulligan will prepare a festive, delicious menu for you and your guests. Call Heather Arns at 541.388.2582 x 111 for more event space availability and information.

–Kelsi Shelton

Chris Condon on Maintaining a Beautiful Golf Course

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and that you are looking forward to a new year full of exciting new adventures.  Enjoy the rest of the winter season because the golfing season is just a few months away.

The Tetherow golf course has been overwintering rather well thus far.  Our topdressing program has been progressing smoothly and we have taken some extra precautions on a few of the greens in order to prevent any turf loss during the winter.  You may have noticed that portions of the greens have been covered.  The covers came from my good friend and Superintendent, Scott Moffenbeier at Broken Top.  Thank you very much!

This time of the year is just as important as the golfing season.  It gives us an opportunity to reflect on the previous golf season and to prepare for the upcoming season.  It is a time for us to service the equipment and reorganize the maintenance facility.  Winter allows us at Tetherow the time to make adjustments to our golf course maintenance plan according to our approved budget.  And most importantly, it allows us to attend continuing educational opportunities provided by the local and national golf course superintendents associations.

Education generally starts in December with The Pest Management Seminar hosted by The Oregon Golf Course Superintendents Association in Portland, Oregon.  In past years, this seminar was intended to provide all certified pesticide applicators with continuing educational credits required to maintain certification.  This year was different.  The seminar was split into two parts and the individual could chose between two days of recertification credit approved seminars or one day of credits and one day that involved specific golf course topics minus the credits.

The pesticide accreditation option had many interesting topics such as; “Broadleaf weed control in Turf”, “Best way to control weeds and algae in ponds”, “Fungicides: How to choose a proper fungicide for least resistance/best control” and “Pesticides: Differences between perception and reality”.  Day two of the seminar included golf course specific topics presented by a few leaders in the academic world including Joe Vargas, Ph.D. from Michigan State University and Rob Golembiewski, Ph.D. from Oregon State University.  Both were very engaging speakers full of information and insight into the golf course management world.  Topics for the golf section included; “Physiology and culture of Annual Bluegrass” and “Thinking your way through problem solving in Turfgrass Management and more” along with updated research information.

Along with the subject matter introduced to us during the seminar, events such as this allow us the opportunity to learn about new products and regulations, network with other golf course superintendents, exchange ideas about integrated pest management with other professionals as well as enjoy the company of friends. A lot of what a golf course superintendent knows comes from the interactions we have with other golf course superintendents.  As with anything, we generally learn from our successes and failures.

Future educational opportunities will include the Wilbur Ellis University in January and the Golf Course Superintendents of America Conference and Trade Show in February.  As always, feel free to call or drop us an email if you have any concerns, comments or questions.

Thank you,

Chris Condon

Golf Course Superintendent

Boutique Tetherow—A cozy, local way to shop for the holidays

 December 8th, Tetherow Golf Club provided space for artisans to display an array of creative, handmade gifts—a perfect way to make holiday shopping in Bend fun, convenient and meaningful.

Among the treasures were Tetherow member Nancy Brunkal’s handmade, vibrant platters and plates, fun, creative jewelry by Rachel Dean with Navone Jewelry and vintage pillows by CJS. All local, Central Oregon artists.

beatiful CJS pillows


As soon as you walked in Tetherow’s clubhouse, you were greeted with an array of delicious, artisan teas by Metolius Tea, and F&B Manager Kevin Gilman was there to showcase his selection of wines that he had in mind to go perfectly with a holiday roast or ham dinner.

It was a cozy, festive atmosphere; complete with delicious finger foods such as bite sized crepes and cucumber hummus crotinis. Tetherow is looking forward to having the opportunity to do this again next year!

–Kelsi Shelton

Caleb’s Tips to Winter Golf Success

Snow on the 1st green makes it official: Winter has arrived in Bend, OR!  Although Tetherow’s championship course will be closed during the winter months, we’ll encounter many great breaks in the weather worthy of dusting off the clubs.  Our practice range will be open all winter (pending weather) and we encourage you to come out and hone your swing in the off-season.  A Bend, Oregon winter is no reason to let your golf game get rusty.

Whether it’s working on your golf game at our practice facility or squeezing in a round of golf at one of Central Oregon’s lower elevated golf courses, the key to winter golf in Bend is staying warm.  Here are a few tips which help ensure an enjoyable winter golf experience:

–          Proper Attire: We’ve all heard the old adage that we lose 90% of our body heat through our head on cold days.  While that percentage may be a bit high, you’d be amazed at how much more enjoyable it is to play or practice in cooler conditions when wearing a beanie or ski cap.  Other must-haves include all-weather gloves, a good windbreaker and numerous layers of clothing.

–          The “W” Word: Verify the forecasted wind for the day.  A breezy day in the winter can lower the wind chill 10 to 15 degrees.

–          Properly Insulated Beverage Containers: There’s nothing better than a hot cup of coffee or cocoa to take with you on a cool, Bend winter day.  Look for bottles that are made with Stainless Steel double wall construction and that have a vacuum insulated flask.  This construction keeps hot drinks warm for several hours, and the stainless steel construction ensures that you can wash the “coffee” taste and smell out of your bottle.  There are two great local manufacturers: HydroFlask, which we carry in the Tetherow Golf Shop, and Weld Drink.


On behalf of our entire staff at Tetherow, happy holidays to you and your family.  We look forward to seeing you on the way back from Mt. Bachelor during the winter months for aprs ski drinks and snacks!


Caleb Anderson, PGA Head Professional, Tetherow Golf Club

Q & A With Tetherow’s Event Planner: Secrets to a Perfect Party!

With the holiday season quickly approaching, now is the hot time to be booking your holiday party or corporate event at the “Best Golf Course” in Bend, Oregon.

Spend time laughing, eating, dancing and building memories with your family, friends and co-workers at a breath taking location. Golf in Central Oregon is a hot commodity—and so is finding the perfect spot for your event. Tetherow’s distinctive staff, location and personality make all the difference.

Our holiday parties are produced by the finest event staff in Bend. We have a variety of rooms and configurations available. Live music is included on certain dates and special deals are also available!

Weddings and holiday parties in Bend, Oregon have never been the same since Tetherow’s staff showed up on the scene. And when it comes to event planning, Tetherow’s Heather Arns knows how to do it right. With years of experience and insight, she will ensure your next party, private event or wedding is unforgettable.

So as the best event coordinator in Bend, Oregon, we asked Heather some “secrets to success” to planning the perfect party:

Q) What are some most memorable moments at an event that you have planned?

a.  The first Slip and Slide at the Annual Member’s Luau was so much fun! Although, seeing amazing pictures from the weddings– there is truly nothing better than weddings.

Q) What would you recommend to someone planning a holiday party here that most people don’t think about?

a.  Utilize the Fireside Room! The real fire and beautiful decor can really add an     ambiance here that you can’t get elsewhere.

Q) What piece of advice would you give to someone planning a wedding here?

a.  Not to stress the little things… While I understand a wedding can be a lot of work, our staff is amazing at putting the pieces together come “game time”.

Q) Why should a business pick Tetherow in Bend to have their party?

a.   Being so close to town makes it easy for travel and time. There is no better   ambiance, food or professional (but fun) staff around.

Q) Why should a couple pick Tetherow to have their wedding?

a.  With a staff that has done so many events here, we have all of our ducks in a row. Not only do you have the amazing views, sunsets that Bend, OR has to offer, but you also have Tetherow’s spectacular setting and food. Most importantly you also have a group who is truly invested in taking care of you on your big day.

Q) How much time ahead do you recommend booking a room?

a.  Ideally, a month in advance, but for smaller rooms such as the card room or media room, we can often accommodate with just a week’s notice.

Q) What makes you tick at work?

a.  Whether it’s a new event opportunity or a new client that we are excited to impress, every day is different.

Q) What makes you tick at home?

a.  At the moment, football season. I love it. Otherwise it is being active in one way or another, spending time with the people I love and watching my guilty pleasure shows, GLEE and Jersey Shore!

Q) What makes working at Tetherow unique?

a.  Definitely the people that I work with at Tetherow. There is truly nothing better than actually enjoying the people you’re with every day. 


 Interview by Kelsi Shelton