Caleb’s Corner: The Masters, The Golf Trip of a Lifetime.

Spring is here and, along with it, comes the beginning to the 2012 golf season. No, I’m not referring to our opening day at Tetherow on April 1, but rather the Masters Tournament, held at beautiful Augusta National Golf Club from April 5-8.

For many golfers, myself included, Masters week is their favorite week of the year. Each year, Augusta National expands its online and television coverage, allowing for the “patrons” to experience more and more of the Masters Tournament.

The Masters and Augusta are particularly special to me. I attended my first Masters as a freshman in college  in 1997 with my father—the year a young kid named Tiger Woods won his first major, setting almost every Masters record along the way to his 12-stroke victory. I’ll never forget my first footstep onto the turf at Augusta National. I had goosebumps. My father and I purchased our obligatory green Masters folding chairs, and walked down to Amen Corner to set up our chairs at the 13th green. I was amazed to find out that we could simply leave our chairs set up, wander around the property, watch the best players in the world play the best course in the world, and when we returned in the afternoon with a Coca Cola and a $1.25 Pimento and Cheese sandwich, our chairs were still waiting for us, unoccupied.

I’ve since been back to Augusta for two additional Masters, and watched Phil Mickelson win his second green jacket, and Angel Cabrera pick up his first in a three-way playoff victory. Each and every day, I’d follow my same routine: speed walk (you don’t run at the Masters) down to 16 green (the par 3 with the pond), set up my green Masters chair, then walk to Amen Corner and soak in the beauty of 11, 12 and 13. Each day, I’d stand behind the 12th tee box and dream of someday being able to walk across the Hogan Bridge and cross Rae’s Creek. Like almost every other golfer, my dream has always been to play at Augusta, but I never fathomed that I’d have the chance.

Then, in September of 2009, I received an email. A good friend of mine, a high school golf coach in the Atlanta area, invited me to come to Georgia in November for a golf trip. Each year, he travels to central Oregon with his team, and I always do my best to help set up a golfing itinerary for their group. In the email, he thanked me for helping with the high school team over the years, and listed a number of courses which I could choose from for a three-day golf trip. I was amazed as I read through the list of great private courses in the Atlanta area—and there, at the end of the list, was “Augusta National Golf Club.” The shock eventually wore off and I quickly made plane reservations and circled November 21, 2009, on my calendar as the day that would change my golfing life.

A very gracious member of Augusta whose son was on my friend’s golf team hosted me, another local pro, and the high school golf coach at Augusta. We pinched ourselves as we drove down Magnolia Lane toward the iconic white clubhouse. After changing our shoes in the Members Locker room and hitting a few practice balls, our caddies took us over to the Par 3 course, which hosts the Par 3 tournament each Wednesday of Masters Week. After getting a few of our nerves out of our system, we walked over to the first tee at Augusta National. The rest of the day was a blur. My nerves got the best of me, as the 81 on the scorecard showed, but I did manage to birdie the 7th and 11th holes, and was even par through the three holes that make up Amen Corner. After our round, our host gave us a tour of the clubhouse where we saw the Champions Locker Room, the Crow’s nest—where the amateurs stay during the Masters tournament—and the Member’s Dining Room. Other than my wedding day, and the day my daughter was born, it will go down as the greatest day of my life.

Caleb Anderson, PGA Head Professional, Tetherow Golf Club 

Your dream is closer than you think at Tetherow!

2017 seemed like the distant future to Bend’s Tim Williams and his family. When they planned out their future, it looked like 2017 was the year they could fulfill their desire of living in Tetherow, a growing community on Bend’s Westside. Patiently waiting, they spent three seasons as guests of the Tetherow Golf Club, enjoying the Scottish links style golf, outstanding dining and a variety of social and family events. As the young family grew, so did their eagerness to live in such a convenient, growing area.

In 2011, the Williams family learned about Tetherow’s Jr. Executive Membership, which is available to those under 46 and includes a family membership to the Athletic Club of Bend for just $390 a month. It was the ideal opportunity to join Tetherow. When they saw an opportunity to purchase a beautiful homesite at a great price in late 2011, they realized they could build a home and actually make their dream come true within the next year instead of having to wait!

“The entire staff is so cohesive and you can tell they really enjoy their jobs. It makes such a difference when the staff is happy at a Club. We also love the other families living there, and the views and prime location to everything Bend has to offer just can’t be beat,” said Williams.

The Williams family is hardly alone in their migration to Tetherow. This budding community has experienced impressive growth the past 12 months. Tetherow welcomed 30 new families into the membership last year alone! With its ideal location – nestled between the Southwest edge of Bend and the Deschutes National Forest – the full Cascade Mountain views and award-winning golf, this renaissance is hardly a surprise.

Since January of 2011, 12 real estate contracts have been written, eight of which have closed with a property sale while the remaining four are pending. Construction begins on three custom homes between now and May. Additionally, local builders Greg Welch and Ryan Duble are both designing showcase homes that will begin construction this spring. They will boast mountain and fairway views, and range from $599,000 to $775,000. With a blend of primary residences and second homes, Tetherow is growing in leaps and bounds.

Tetherow’s Tripleknot Townhomes, which are in the first stage of construction, have already sold the model and construction should be complete by April, when the golf course opens for play.

Cascade Sotheby’s International Realty (CSIR) continues to represent real estate at Tetherow. Deb Tebbs, owner of CSIR, says the trend there is not unique. “Built inventory around Central Oregon is drying up. Buyers recognize that they may not find their dream home already built. With reasonable property prices and construction costs, many buyers are taking the opportunity to create their own dream home.”

A variety of membership options are available at Tetherow, with or without real estate purchase. The David McLay Kidd course is open April through October, while the Tetherow Grill is open year round, seven days a week. The facility is also available for weddings, events and meetings.

Tetherow is located on Century Drive, on the way to Mt. Bachelor, just past the Reed Market roundabout. Stop in for a bite and check out the stunning mountain views!

The Cushings Celebrate their 25th Anniversary!

Each year, Tetherow members John and Judy Cushing celebrate their December 31st wedding anniversary by wearing their original wedding garb from 1986. This year, they graced Tetherow’s presence on New Years Eve, ringing in the New Year and ringing in their 25thwedding anniversary.


For some belated Valentines Day inspiration, I asked them to share what makes their marriage work, how they fell in love, and what keeps them going strong as a married couple.

 Q)      Tell us a bit about your tradition of wearing your wedding clothes every year for your anniversary on New Years Eve.

A) Wearing our wedding clothes every New Years Eve helps us remember that night.  Our favorite part is that they still fit well enough that we can wear them.

Q)      What was unforgettable about your wedding 25 years ago?

A) We were married just before midnight on December 31, 1986, in our Olympia house where we had been living for several years. We had invited about 75 friends to a black tie New Year’s Eve party with no hint of the impending event.  About 11pm we announced that we were going to get married – right then, and there.  Everyone came upstairs to our bedroom (the largest room in the house), where we had built a platform on top of our bed.  There we stood with the clergyman who married us.

Q)      When did you two first meet?

A) We met at Cornell University in Ithaca NY, in 1975. We were both working in the computer services group there.

Q)      What initially attracted you to each other?

A) Judy liked John’s smile and how smart she thought he was. John liked her self-assurance and unfailing optimism.

Q)      What piece of marriage advice has particularly helped you two?

A) Friends gave us two pieces of marriage advicethat have really rung true:  “Find out what she likes, and give it to her every day” (originally from Fats Waller) and “Never let the sun set on your anger.”


Q)      How long have you lived in Bend?

A) We moved to Bend in 2005, completing our home on a lot we had bought in 1985.  Before that we had lived in Olympia, WA, where we had both worked at The Evergreen State College since 1976.

Q)      What brought you to Bend?

A)  We came to Bend for the skiing, the hiking, and the absence of rain.  Other places offer those things, of course, but we wanted to be close to family and friends.  John had grown up in Corvallis, where his parents had retired from the OSU faculty, and we had friends and relations in the area.

 Q)      What initially attracted you to Tetherow?

A) We were attracted to Tetherow when a golf course appeared directly below our home just as we were finishing its construction.  We had grown used to having nothing between us and the mountains, so we bought the Tetherow lot below us.  And in spite of having never played serious golf before, we thought it might be fun to take up the sport.  Then we discovered how much fun golf is, what a fabulous course Tetherow is, how nice the staff and the other members are, and how good the food at the club is.  We keep trying to recruit our old friends who don’t golf: “It’s more fun than it looks and a lot harder!”

 Q)      What makes you tick?

A) We love skiing, golf, and the out-of-doors. John was on the hill 62 days last winter and registered over a million and half vertical feet.  (Judy will catch up when she fully retires.)  We have been playing Tetherow about three days a week during golf season. Judy is a consummate cook (says John) and we enjoy good food with friends and each other.  We like to watch good films.  John collects and restores neon signs, vintage radios & TVs, and early computers (especially Macintosh). Judy remains devoted to her ongoing information technology research in support of science and to her teaching in computing and environmental studies.  Our golf goal is to break 100 before we do.

 Q)   What is your favorite part about being a member at Tetherow?

A) One reason we joined Tetherow was the opportunity it offered to meet people in a new community. It’s hard to do this once one stops working, so a great benefit of Tetherow for us is the growing social network as Tetherow grows.

 Q)   Do you have any kids and if so how many and do they live in Bend as well?

A) We have more than 2000 children — students with whom we have worked for at least a quarter (more often a year) in our classrooms during our 25+ years of teaching.  They are scattered all over the world, and we continue to hear from many of them.

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Cushing for a long and happy marriage. Next time you see Mr. and Mrs. Cushing, wish them happy 25th!

Q&A with Chef Mulligan: Secrets to Success

Executive Chef Rian Mulligan has been creating fresh, innovated dishes at Tetherow for over two years. But his story isunique in that although he is one of the most talented executive chefs in Bend, Oregon, he never went to culinary school and just five years ago he was washing dishes for a living. But what he lacks in formal education, he exceedingly makes up for it with his drive, hands-on experience, and a genuine passion for cuisine.

Rian Mulligan

Mulligan started out at the Blacksmith, and quickly moved from dishwasher to line cook and then to sous chef. He was then recruited to be a chef at Tetherow Golf Club’s grill. After just six months at Tetherow Grill cooking up some of the best food in Central Oregon, he was promoted to Executive Chef.

Now, with our ever so popular 5 for $50 monthly wine dinners (the last two have sold out!) and our new Sunday brunches (the best brunch in Bend!), he has even more room to let his creative juices flow and prepare unique items to complement regional wines and Kevin’s famous bottomless mimosas. A recent addition to the brunch menu at Tetherow is vanilla orange crepes and an extensive breakfast cocktail list.

With a growing list of holiday parties scheduled at Tetherow (our cozy fireside room is the perfect holiday party space), Rian has been staying busy in the kitchen preparing special menus and items for the holidays, fall weddings and business luncheons. I asked Rian some secrets to his success and what makes being an Executive Chef at an award-winning golf course in Bend, Oregon so fulfilling.

Q) What inspired you to be a chef?

A) It was just something I was born to do. I just didn’t realize it until I got a job at a fine dining restaurant in Bend.

Q) How did you get promoted to be a chef so quickly?

A) I have been able to work to be the best at what I do, each step of the way. I am good at leading and motivating others and this allows me to lead my team in the kitchen at Tetherow. I also think people can see the amount of heart and passion I put forth every day.

Q) What is the best part about your job?

A) Being a chef is not a job to me, it is a way to express myself and make others happy with the skills I have learned. I also love how food can transport you to a fantastic old memory.

Q) How would you describe the journey to becoming a chef?

A) It took me five years of completely immersing myself in everything culinary related. During my first year in a restaurant, I would go to work at nine in the morning (off the clock) just to help out and ask questions. In the evening I would start washing dishes, mopping floors and cleaning until one or two in the morning on the weekends. After work, I would go home and research anything I had seen that day that I did not understand. I would even bring a research book and listen to the cooks talk after work and look up the terms they were using.

Q) What is the best part about your job?

A) Waking up in the morning and being excited to go do what I love. I love making new dishes for people and turning food into art. I also love to learn and I love to teach. I get great joy from teaching a new cook who is passionate about learning how to cook in a restaurant.

Q) What is the most challenging part?

A) The sacrifices to do what I love are numerous. I work anywhere from 10-16 hours a day depending upon the season. Usually, I will get five to six hours of sleep a night. Sometimes I will not get a day away from work for a month. I think the hardest part is that while many are having fun or spending time with their families during holidays or special events, kitchen people all over the world are working so people can enjoy themselves on these days (such as the Super Bowl, New Years, Fourth of July, etc…). This year was the first year I got to spend Christmas with my family in four years. But I would not want to do anything else. For me, it is worth it.

Q) What is your favorite dish to prepare?

A) It is one of my mom and dad’s recipes. It is not too exciting, but it brings back good memories for me: Teriyaki marinated flank steak with brown rice, mushrooms, a big Caesar salad and some sautéed vegetables.

Don’t miss our delicious Sunday brunch at Tetherow from 10 am-2 pm! For reservations, call the grill at 541.388.2582 x120

Our upcoming 5 for $50 Wine Dinner is Tuesday, November 29th featuring Chateau St. Jean from Sonoma. Chef Mulligan will prepare a five-course meal to be specifically paired with five selected wines. These relaxed and intimate dinners have been selling out so be sure to RSVP to the grill at 541.388.2582 x 120!

Tetherow offers the best holiday and special event space in Bend! Schedule your holiday dinner party at Tetherow and Chef Mulligan will prepare a festive, delicious menu for you and your guests. Call Heather Arns at 541.388.2582 x 111 for more event space availability and information.

–Kelsi Shelton

Boutique Tetherow—A cozy, local way to shop for the holidays

 December 8th, Tetherow Golf Club provided space for artisans to display an array of creative, handmade gifts—a perfect way to make holiday shopping in Bend fun, convenient and meaningful.

Among the treasures were Tetherow member Nancy Brunkal’s handmade, vibrant platters and plates, fun, creative jewelry by Rachel Dean with Navone Jewelry and vintage pillows by CJS. All local, Central Oregon artists.

beatiful CJS pillows


As soon as you walked in Tetherow’s clubhouse, you were greeted with an array of delicious, artisan teas by Metolius Tea, and F&B Manager Kevin Gilman was there to showcase his selection of wines that he had in mind to go perfectly with a holiday roast or ham dinner.

It was a cozy, festive atmosphere; complete with delicious finger foods such as bite sized crepes and cucumber hummus crotinis. Tetherow is looking forward to having the opportunity to do this again next year!

–Kelsi Shelton

Q & A With Tetherow’s Event Planner: Secrets to a Perfect Party!

With the holiday season quickly approaching, now is the hot time to be booking your holiday party or corporate event at the “Best Golf Course” in Bend, Oregon.

Spend time laughing, eating, dancing and building memories with your family, friends and co-workers at a breath taking location. Golf in Central Oregon is a hot commodity—and so is finding the perfect spot for your event. Tetherow’s distinctive staff, location and personality make all the difference.

Our holiday parties are produced by the finest event staff in Bend. We have a variety of rooms and configurations available. Live music is included on certain dates and special deals are also available!

Weddings and holiday parties in Bend, Oregon have never been the same since Tetherow’s staff showed up on the scene. And when it comes to event planning, Tetherow’s Heather Arns knows how to do it right. With years of experience and insight, she will ensure your next party, private event or wedding is unforgettable.

So as the best event coordinator in Bend, Oregon, we asked Heather some “secrets to success” to planning the perfect party:

Q) What are some most memorable moments at an event that you have planned?

a.  The first Slip and Slide at the Annual Member’s Luau was so much fun! Although, seeing amazing pictures from the weddings– there is truly nothing better than weddings.

Q) What would you recommend to someone planning a holiday party here that most people don’t think about?

a.  Utilize the Fireside Room! The real fire and beautiful decor can really add an     ambiance here that you can’t get elsewhere.

Q) What piece of advice would you give to someone planning a wedding here?

a.  Not to stress the little things… While I understand a wedding can be a lot of work, our staff is amazing at putting the pieces together come “game time”.

Q) Why should a business pick Tetherow in Bend to have their party?

a.   Being so close to town makes it easy for travel and time. There is no better   ambiance, food or professional (but fun) staff around.

Q) Why should a couple pick Tetherow to have their wedding?

a.  With a staff that has done so many events here, we have all of our ducks in a row. Not only do you have the amazing views, sunsets that Bend, OR has to offer, but you also have Tetherow’s spectacular setting and food. Most importantly you also have a group who is truly invested in taking care of you on your big day.

Q) How much time ahead do you recommend booking a room?

a.  Ideally, a month in advance, but for smaller rooms such as the card room or media room, we can often accommodate with just a week’s notice.

Q) What makes you tick at work?

a.  Whether it’s a new event opportunity or a new client that we are excited to impress, every day is different.

Q) What makes you tick at home?

a.  At the moment, football season. I love it. Otherwise it is being active in one way or another, spending time with the people I love and watching my guilty pleasure shows, GLEE and Jersey Shore!

Q) What makes working at Tetherow unique?

a.  Definitely the people that I work with at Tetherow. There is truly nothing better than actually enjoying the people you’re with every day. 


 Interview by Kelsi Shelton