Jeremy Minteer

Meet our Staff: the talented Jeremy Minteer Tetherow’s master of good times, events and activities Three years ago, the multi-talented Jeremy Minteer was recruited to help Tetherow’s new Food & Beverage department hone their services and presentation. He has worked in the restaurant business since the early 1990s, including in the local Gregg’s Grill and as a restaurant manager on a cruise line. Jeremy started college after he was in the Air Force, with the plan of becoming a dentist. He had been a dental assistant for many years and enjoyed the science and art of the profession, but while attending school, he worked in restaurants (because of the hours and availability) and he felt a strong connection to the lifestyle. He… Read More

And Your Question Is?

Some of the more interesting FAQs about our course. by Chris Condon, Golf Course Superintendent Q) What types of grasses make up the playing surfaces? All greens, tees, fairways and rough are predominately a mixture of fine fescue and colonial      bentgrass.  We have two different types of fine fescue, those being Chewings Fescue and Creeping Red Fescue.  Of all of the golf course in the United States, Tetherow is one of maybe a dozen golf courses that have this grass mixture, 6 of those are in Oregon.  This makes Tetherow rather unique.  With a unique golf course come unique turfgrass management strategies in order to provide the best playing conditions. Q) Why does the golf course have such a unique, cool look to it?  For… Read More