New Members: Meet the Sole Family

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Sole: Golfing Their Heart Out at Tetherow! Alice and Mark Sole joined Tetherow this past summer, and the decision was, in part, thanks to fellow Tetherow member Dennis Garbutt. The Sole’s explain that Mr. Garbutt was a “great salesman”, and in addition to Garbutt touting the many benefits of a Tetherow membership, the couple has also been following Tetherow since 2007. They found that they “loved everything about Tetherow”, but knew that they needed to wait until they actually moved to Bend to seal the deal. Mr. and Mrs. Sole built a home in Northwest Crossing which completed in July of 2011, and they were able to move to Bend full time the following April. From… Read More

Meet Managing Partner Chris van der Velde

Navigating his way through this tough economy and coming out strong by Kelsi Shelton Managing Partner Chris van der Velde keeps things colorful and alive at Tetherow. Whether it’s playing the M&M “last color standing” game, or cracking a joke when things get heated, Chris manages to juggle multiple facets and keep things moving forward, while also deeply caring that each employee feels appreciated and esteemed with their particular strengths. Since Tetherow is about to undertake much growth in the coming year, we thought it appropriate to learn a few things about the man behind it all at Tetherow. I asked van der Velde to share with us how he caught the golf bug, and what it’s like running and operating… Read More

Shake it Up with Kevin’s Holiday Secrets

Delicious tips from our Food & Beverage Manager by Kelsi Shelton The holidays just wouldn’t be the holidays without some festive libations to bring family and friends together. ‘Tis the season to get creative, try some new concoctions and bust out that martini shaker to show off your spirited skills. I consulted with Tetherow Grill’s Food and Beverage Manager Kevin Gilman on the matter, and he eagerly shared with me his favorite holiday beverages, recommended food and drink pairings and suggested the best cocktails recipes to ring in the New Year right, or just to serve for your pre-dinner cocktail hour.  “A couple of my favorite holiday beverage choices are very simple, yet very tasty,” Gilman says. For beer, Kevin… Read More