Hike, ski, golf, experience local culinary delights all in Bend, Oregon

Spring Break—Look no Further than Out Your Front Door!  by Kelsi Shelton Spring break and Central Oregon go together like bacon and chocolate. It’s not the most assumed combination (Bend will never be Cancun or Florida), but after giving it a try, Bend wins for being an unexpected delight to a broad spectrum of spring break adventure-seekers. And for the lucky ones of us who already live here, it makes our travel expenses enviable. The inaugural week of spring (spring break typically runs from March 24-28) is a sweet spot for Central Oregon, given Mt. Bachelor has one of the longest running seasons in the US (usually ending in May), and given the average high in March is in the… Read More

Prepping for Golf Season with Big Plans

 New landscaping and renovations to the range and hole #7 are on the horizon  by Chris Condon Hello from the golf course maintenance staff.  We hope that everyone enjoyed the Holiday Season whether it was spent enjoying the sunshine and lack of snow here in Bend, or somewhere a little warmer? February is always the month that the golf course maintenance staff begins gearing up for the golf season.  It is the last quiet month before the crew returns and everything becomes hectic once again.  That being said, March is going to be a particularly busy month for the golf course maintenance staff.  In addition to preparing the golf course for opening, we are undertaking a few large scale projects… Read More