Welcome Dave and Grace Duerson!

Meet Our New Members!by Kelsi Shelton What Dave and Grace Duerson thought was just a restful vacation at Black Butte Ranch 25 years ago turned out to be a preview of where they would soon call home. They immediately fell in love with the area explaining, “We were there about three days before we started looking at real estate.” Upon returning home, they already had a partially constructed home under contract. Once their children were in college, the couple built a home in Crosswater where they lived for 12 years. Last year, Dave and Grace decided it was time they moved to Bend. They bought a lot at Tetherow, and are planning on moving the beginning of August. “Greg Welch… Read More

Meet our new members: Eric and Laurie Kutter

“Tetherow felt like home before we even had a house” by Kelsi Shelton Eric and Laurie Kutter usually don’t consider themselves spontaneous. But after a visit to Bend last July, the couple both fell in love and in less than four months, had sold their home and moved to their newfound haven of Central Oregon. Both grew up in Washington and had spent their entire lives there until their visit to Bend last summer. Laurie was racing in a triathalon in Bend and was immediately hooked. Once she saw all of the outdoor opportunities, she saw it as a great vacation spot. After joining Laurie in Bend a couple days later, Eric shared the same affection for the area. The couple… Read More

Bringing the Course Back to Pristine Condition

Help up eradicate the Poa on July 28 – we’ll supply the beverages! by Chris Condon, Director of Agronomy It has been a little more than a month from the herbicide application for Poa annua.  And that is in the past and the future is to solve the problem and get back to a great golf course.  We are working as quickly as possible with a plan to cure the unsightly areas on our greens. You have probably already noticed that we have done some over seeding and sod work on the severely damaged areas. The plan and the work will take some time so please help us in our efforts and think positively. The biggest thing that we can do or… Read More