Tetherow Club Championship Winners

Club Championship Winners & Results Ladies’ Gross Champion: Kathy Fleck (167)Congratulations to the champions in the 2014 Club Championship, which took place Aug 23 – 24. Ladies’ Net Champion: Darlene Allison (157) Men’s Net Champion: Gwil Evans (146) Men’s Senior Champion: Dave Duerson (156) Men’s Club Champion: Taylor Garbutt (150)  

GolfBoards Arrive at Tetherow

“SURF THE EARTH” at Tetherow with the new fleet of GolfBoards The Wave of GolfBoards Across the Country Begins at Tetherow Not a skateboard or a golf cart, Tetherow Golf Club in Bend, Oregon, introduces a new adrenalin-pumping mode of transportation around the golf course, the Golfboard. Tetherow is the first golf course in the country to host a fleet of twenty Golfboards at the resort. Golfing with a GolfBoard, or “GolfBoarding” as they like to call it, changes the golfing experience, without changing the game of golf. The ancient game and all its’ traditions are safe. Traversing from shot to shot across the golf course, however, has now taken on a whole new dimension of fun, action, and excitement… Read More