‘Renaturalizing’ Tetherow: How the Golf Course Got Its Look

A lot of work went into making the grounds look so believable By McKenna Brown   You’d be forgiven if you looked out at Tetherow’s golf course and assumed the many fairways and greens had simply been carved out of the natural landscape. In reality, nearly every plant, tree and rock you see has been carefully “re-naturalized” by Tetherow’s course maintenance crew. “It’s a little more difficult than it looks,” Golf Course Superintendent Chris Condon said. “Mother Nature has its way of doing things. We wanted to make sure it was believable, we wanted to make sure that it fit in the whole design of the golf course, and we wanted to utilize as much native plant material as possible… Read More

Bird Watching at Tetherow

Oregon is a bird-watching paradise, with nine established birding trails featuring hundreds of species of birds. Bend is the gateway to the Oregon Cascades Birding Trail, which includes 200 sites along 1,000 miles of scenic roadways. Tetherow is home to many species of birds and our golf course recently became the first in Oregon designated as a certified signature sanctuary by Audubon International.  Visit and stay at Tetherow when you plan your bird watching vacation in Bend, Oregon! The Birds of Tetherow Our Great Horned Owls nested again on the back nine and have now been joined by the Red Tail Hawks nesting nearby. The Owls are the first ones to nest and the first ones to fledge and leave the nest. Our three owlets should be… Read More

The birds that call Tetherow home in winter

Our Wintertime Friends: The birds that call Tetherow home in the cold months by Cal Elshoff Winter has arrived! We have the lowest number of species for the year around Tetherow, but there are still many birds in the area.  Those you should be seeing include:Robins, Spotted Towhees, House Finches, Juncoes, Crossbills,  Fox Sparrows, Quail, White Crowned Sparrows, Ravens, Flickers, Downy Woodpeckers, Hairy Woodpeckers, Pygmy and Redbreasted and White Breasted Nuthatches, Mourning Doves, Bushtits, Golden Crowned Kinglets, Chickadees, Kestrels,  RedTailed Hawks, Sharp Shinned Hawks, and Coopers Hawks.   Great Horned Owls are also present. If you are fortunate you may see some Cedar Waxwings passing through.   When the ponds aren’t frozen, they may contain Mallards, Ring necked Ducks, Coots, Teal,… Read More