Drink For a Cause!

Helping the Wildfire Relief One Beer At a Time by Yoko Minoura Like many Bendites, patrons of The Row are beer aficionados. But when a keg runs out less than 48 hours after being tapped? It’s more than just good beer. That something more is the pub’s ongoing “Drink for a Cause” initiative, according to Tetherow Front of House Manager, Brian Garza. Beginning in September, he approached local breweries to see if they would be willing to donate a keg or two to raise money for wildfire recovery efforts in Oregon – specifically, non‑profits that help those displaced from their homes and support firefighters and first responders. Because the beer is donated, 100 percent of the sales go directly to… Read More

Bringing A Fresh Perspective to the Cafe Menu

Head Chef Joe Benevento Will Focus On Seasonal, Local Produce and Healthier Options By Yoko Minoura   Don’t be surprised if, upon meeting Joe Benevento, he offers you a juiced-ginger-root shot. Manager of the new poolside café at Tetherow Sport, Benevento has a longstanding interest in healthy eating – and in showing others that making better food choices can, given time, have a profound effect on their well-being. Ginger, he explained, has been used for centuries to treat ailments such as migraines, indigestion and nausea. The drink itself might only “wake you up,” he said, but its true impact comes from the conversations it allows him to start. Benevento said he hopes Tetherow’s new café can spark similar conversations, with… Read More

Tetherow Opens New Restaurant – Solomon’s

New Restaurant Boasts Regional Fare, Extensive Wine Offerings and Breathtaking Views Solomon’s, our new restaurant, opens tomorrow! It features a menu that rotates often to take advantage of the freshest seasonal ingredients. The name honors pioneer Solomon Tetherow, who led a wagon party through Central Oregon in the mid-1800s as they traveled from Missouri to Oregon. “I couldn’t be happier to introduce Solomon’s to our guests and the residents of Bend,” said Chris van der Velde, managing partner for Tetherow. Chef Rian Mulligan and his team have created a fascinating menu featuring all the best products the Northwest has to offer. It will offer a unique, elevated dining experience.” The new restaurant is housed the space formerly occupied by the… Read More

Brewery Smackdown Crowd Favors the Hometown Team

Crux and Silver Moon defeated Fremont and Georgetown in third annual event By McKenna Brown   Tetherow’s third annual Brewery Smackdown, on January 27th, pitted two of Bend’s favorite breweries — Silver Moon Brewing and Crux Fermentation Project – against Seattle’s Fremont Brewing and Georgetown Brewing. The breweries teamed up in a beer pairing competition, working together to choose the most appropriate beer to go with each of the five courses. Diners were given a sample of each beer and asked to vote on their favorite pairing, but they didn’t know which brewery supplied which beer – red and green ribbons around the bottom of the glasses were the only identifier. It was hailed as a clash of beer titans, but… Read More

Brewery Smackdown Makes Its Triumphant Return With Tag-Team Battle

Bend’s Crux and Silver Moon Breweries will take on Fremont and Georgetown of Seattle By McKenna Brown   Four heavyweights will meet in an exhibition fight January 27th in the Pavilion for the latest incarnation of Tetherow’s Brewery Smackdowns. Hailing from Seattle, the powerhouse duo of Fremont Brewing Company and Georgetown Brewing Company will face down two of Bend’s finest breweries, Crux Fermentation Project and Silver Moon Brewing. “This is the first time Crux and Silver Moon have collaborated on a beer together,” says Sean Mercer, the organizer — and ref of sorts — of the festivities. “Their brewers got together and made a special beer just for this. It’s so badass.” That special beer will debut the night of the fight… Read More

Tetherow Sommelier Kevin Gilman Makes Picking Holiday Wines a Snap

Whether you’re looking for a red, a white or something bubbly, he’s got you covered By Kevin Gilman   The holidays are a special time of year for spending time with family, eating and drinking. People spend a lot of time looking for that one unique beverage to compliment the meal. But holiday dinners are a feast of diverse foods and ingredients, so picking the ideal beverage to impress your guests and family can be difficult. I picked out a few of my favorite holiday libations that I personally enjoy when the winter holidays roll around. For me the holidays mean celebration, and nothing says celebration like bubbles. Walking into a holiday party with a bottle of small-grower Champagne sets the… Read More

End of Golf Season Marks the Start of Brewery Months at The Row

The highly anticipated food and drink specials will change weekly By Yoko Minoura   Activity on the golf course at Tetherow is winding down, but things in The Row restaurant’s kitchen are really heating up. The end of golf season marks the beginning of annual, highly anticipated food and drink specials at The Row. From November through March, the restaurant spotlights one local brewery per month by dedicating three beer taps at the bar and running a rotating menu of roughly five new dishes, changing every one or two weeks, that incorporate beer into the food. This year, the lineup will also include a cider maker. “Everyone loves it,” Tetherow Head Chef Justin Birtola said. “We get people that come… Read More

Tetherow is Proud to Sponsor a Sparrow Child Again this Year

Tetherow and Pacific Crest Middle School partnering to raise money for 2-year-old Lucy, who has cystic fibrosis By McKenna Brown   All of us here at Tetherow are so excited to once again sponsor a Sparrow child this year! Sparrow Club is a fantastic organization that started here in Bend. It provides financial and emotional support for children in our community with extreme medical need. Tetherow and Pacific Crest Middle School will work together this year to raise money for Lucy, a fiercely adorable 2-year-old with cystic fibrosis. Here’s what Sparrow says about her: “Lucy is a beautiful little girl with a smile that will light up a room. When Lucy was born, she was very sick and needed care… Read More

Tetherow to Offer New Laird Superfood Coffee Creamer from Sisters

The brand-new product recently won accolades at a natural products expo in Baltimore By McKenna Brown   Tetherow Managing Partner Chris van der Velde remembers watching surf legend Laird Hamilton scoop red palm oil, coconut milk powder, coconut oil and espresso into his Vitamix before heading out for a day of surfing or paddleboarding in Hawaii. Laird’s Superfood Creamer has come a long way from those days in the Vitamix. The streamlined, powdered product launched last month in Baltimore at the 31st Annual Natural Products Expo East, where it was a runner-up for the Best of East Press Award. “This new product is way better than the original,” van der Velde said. “In the Vitamix they were throwing in the… Read More

The Time is Now to Book Your Holiday Gatherings at Tetherow

“Even though Christmas seems like it’s really far away – I mean, we haven’t even gotten to Halloween yet – it’s time to book now.” By McKenna Brown   If there’s one thing Director of Sales Kristi DiTullio wants you to know about hosting a holiday party at Tetherow, it’s this: “Book now!” “The sooner the better,” she said. “Even though Christmas seems like it’s really far away – I mean, we haven’t even gotten to Halloween yet – it’s time to book now.” Reservations for weekends during the holiday season starting rolling in as early as last year, when many companies and organizations found they had too many people to host their parties in the Clubhouse. Tetherow’s new Event… Read More

The Artwork Hanging in The Row is More Than Meets the Eye

“The artwork is the result of a program called Visions of Hope, a Bend-based nonprofit that works with correctional institutions throughout Oregon.” By Yoko Minoura   One point of pride at Tetherow Resort is the use of local products, from soap in the hotel rooms to food served in both restaurants. Even the artwork on display is the work of Oregon artists. But the pieces currently showcased in The Row may end up having an impact on people living half a world away. The artwork is the result of a program called Visions of Hope, a Bend-based nonprofit that works with correctional institutions throughout Oregon. The program helps provide art supplies and classes to inmates; when pieces are shown and… Read More

From Beef to Beer, Tetherow Chefs Think Locally

Using Local Products is Important to the Chefs at Tetherow By Sarah Gorton Using local companies to supply food and beverages has become increasingly important to consumers in recent years. Tetherow tries to buy local as much as possible while still maintaining the high level of quality that Members expect. I caught up with Sean Mercer, general manager of The Row, and Sous Chef Justin Birtola to get a little insight on what goes into making those decisions. While many companies choose to use a general supplier for all of their meat and produce needs, the cooks at Tetherow go the extra mile to make sure that they are using the best local products they can. They visit local farms… Read More

Brewery Smackdown at Tetherow

Two local breweries paired their best and the winner was… by Sarah Gorton Photos courtesy of Steven Heinrichs. On April 7, the Grill played host to Tetherow’s second Brewers Battle. In one corner was Deschutes Brewery, and in the opposing corner was Sunriver Brewing. Before the battle, Tetherow’s chefs, Zac, Miguel and Justin met with the brewers to let them sample the menu and choose which beer they thought paired best with each dish. The night of the event, members, brewers and distributors descended upon The Grill to help crown a winner. Each round, every participant received a plate of food and two blind beer tasters that were color coded either green or red. After finishing each course, they chose which beer… Read More

Behind the Scenes: Creating Tetherow Cocktails

The creative names are just one aspect of these delicious inspirations by Sarah Gorton   Ever wondered how the bartenders at Tetherow create all of the unique drinks served at the Member’s Lounge? I picked Food & Beverage Manager Kevin Gilman’s mind for a behind the scenes look into what goes on behind the bar at Tetherow. According to Kevin, when it comes to cocktail creation, bartenders tend to lean toward one of two styles. Some bartenders, like Kevin, like to play with the classics, reinventing them with modern ingredients or new techniques, while other bartenders like to experiment with new flavors and technologies to create something completely new. One of the drinks that Kevin has recently been toying with is… Read More

Coffee and Bend: A Tried and True Affair

Add Coffee to the Growing List of Bend’s Exceptional Offerings by Kelsi Shelton Considering there are over 17 locally owned coffee shops in Bend, there is no doubt we like our coffee local, artisanal, within walking distance and easily accessible to our favorite hiking and biking trails. And now that it is summer, the coffee beverage morning-fix transitions from a hot, warm your bones pre-mountain caffeine warm-up to an iced, pre-mountain biking run jump-start. With all of the coffee destinations in Bend, here is a quick summer guide to getting your cup of joe the way you need it. Cold Brew: Remember when iced coffee meant watered-down, weak hot coffee poured over ice? No longer. The local mainstays Backporch, Thump,… Read More