Meet Our New Members – The Harless Family

New members Keith and Sue Harless have seen a lot of change take place in Bend, but have always been attracted to the Westside and all the opportunities it holds. Both longtime residents, Keith living here for 40 years and Sue the past 26, they watched Tetherow grow and were specifically drawn to Tripleknot for its ease of living. Both Sue and Keith have had fulfilling careers that involved teaching. Keith was the first pulmonary and critical care medicine specialist here in Central Oregon. After 35 years he retired in 2012 having taught OHSU medical students since 1981. Sue has always been in education and owned her own business here in Bend coaching college students from all over the country be… Read More

Meet Our New Members – The Wald Family

New members Brian and Lauren Wald have only lived in Bend for two weeks and they’ve already fallen in love with the area. It makes sense since both love to hike, Lauren loves yoga and entertaining, and Brian loves to run, play golf and enjoy a good IPA. Brian is originally from Southern California and Lauren is from Missouri, but as a couple they’ve lived in Phoenix, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, and they are now excited to call Bend their long‑term home. A handful of things initially attracted them to Tetherow, but overall it was the lifestyle, including accessibility to hiking, Mt. Bachelor, golf club amenities, and the mountain scenery. Besides their outdoor hobbies, Brian has always had a passion for tech start‑ups…. Read More

The Brandts, Tetherow and The Ultimate Safari Options!

Dylan Brandt and Liz Sumner Met on Safari in South Africa Dylan Brandt and Liz Sumner, new Designee Golf Members, say they’ll “go to the ends of the Earth to experience something that’s authentic, friendly, wild and beautiful.” And they mean that literally! The two met on safari in South Africa – Liz was visiting with her family and Dylan was the head guide for Singita, a safari company there. “Before I went to Africa, someone told me that ‘safari is life-changing,’” Liz says. “And they were absolutely right!” Dylan moved to the U.S. in 2015 (bringing to a close the VERY long-distance chapter of their relationship) and the two lovebirds made their home in Bend, where they’ve opened up a boutique safari… Read More

Please Welcome Our New Members, the McCleans!

Mike and Judy McClean Moved In Just Before Thanksgiving   Mike and Judy McClean are new Tetherow residents and social Members as of the day before Thanksgiving. The builder worked hard to have their new home ready in time to cook for their family for the big holiday, but they could only find two forks and two paper plates! The McCleans moved from the San Luis Obispo countryside where they owned a vineyard in Paso Robles and a specialty food market, and Judy was a third grade teacher. But their daughter, son-in-law, and 2-year-old grandson moved to Bend, so you can understand why they were suddenly so motivated to make a change! After many road trips in search of the… Read More

Meet our New Members: The Tee Family

Looking forward to taking many adventures in the Pacific Northwest by Kelsi Shelton The Tee family moved to Bend just this past August to enjoy what makes Bend such an irresistible haven for many: the four seasons and the small town sense of community. From Carlsbad, California, Steve and Danielle Tee were initially attracted to Tetherow due to the links style golf course and the remarkable setting. The couple adds, “the staff at Tetherow was genuine and welcoming, and the overall feel is just entirely different and better than many golf clubs.” Steve and Danielle have two young kids, Keira, 3 and Henry, 2. For Steve, golf and anything outdoors keeps him happy, and Danielle’s sanity comes in the form… Read More

Meet our new Members: The Fox Family

Bayard and Lesli Fox: “An amazing course so close to home” by Kelsi SheltonBayard and Lesli Fox say they were drawn to Tetherow for the laid back and relaxed vibe and for the beautiful property. As Bayard explained, they joined Tetherow because they live in The Parks and “didn’t want to look back in 10 years, regretting not joining such an amazing course so close to home.“ Lesli was sold on Tetherow due to vicinity, family friendly activities and the wonderful entertaining opportunities. Bayard, from Wyoming, graduated from Lewis and Clark in Portland where he lived for 20 years before moving to Bend. The two met in Portland, where Lesli grew up. The lifestyle Bend offered was a huge draw… Read More

Meet our New Members: The Steelhammer Family

“Tetherow’s a wonderful place to build friendships” by Kelsi Shelton Brandy and Geoff Steelhammer primarily moved to Bend for reasons so many of us do: the outdoor, active lifestyle year around. Moving from Salem in 2012, the couple was ready to get out of the rain and into the high desert and sunshine! Both Oregonians from the Willamette Valley, Brandy and Geoff grew up vacationing in Bend. And with Geoff’s parents living here part-time in Eagle Crest as well as Brandy’s grandfather living in Bend, the couple are grateful to be so close to family. Since moving here, Geoff has fallen in love with mountain biking, and also stays busy skiing, hiking, golfing and hunting. He has also been a… Read More

Welcome Dave and Grace Duerson!

Meet Our New Members!by Kelsi Shelton What Dave and Grace Duerson thought was just a restful vacation at Black Butte Ranch 25 years ago turned out to be a preview of where they would soon call home. They immediately fell in love with the area explaining, “We were there about three days before we started looking at real estate.” Upon returning home, they already had a partially constructed home under contract. Once their children were in college, the couple built a home in Crosswater where they lived for 12 years. Last year, Dave and Grace decided it was time they moved to Bend. They bought a lot at Tetherow, and are planning on moving the beginning of August. “Greg Welch… Read More

Meet our new members: Eric and Laurie Kutter

“Tetherow felt like home before we even had a house” by Kelsi Shelton Eric and Laurie Kutter usually don’t consider themselves spontaneous. But after a visit to Bend last July, the couple both fell in love and in less than four months, had sold their home and moved to their newfound haven of Central Oregon. Both grew up in Washington and had spent their entire lives there until their visit to Bend last summer. Laurie was racing in a triathalon in Bend and was immediately hooked. Once she saw all of the outdoor opportunities, she saw it as a great vacation spot. After joining Laurie in Bend a couple days later, Eric shared the same affection for the area. The couple… Read More

New Members The Lewis Family

Meet our New Members: The Lewis Family  by Kelsi Shelton “Tetherow’s Incredible Staff and Course Won Us Over” Jamie and Kim Lewis have lived in Bend for 14 years and 20 years respectively. While Tetherow’s staff and course initially attracted the Lewis’ to the club, it sealed the deal when they discovered some friends of theirs were also members here. However, they say, “it really came down to how friendly the staff is and how nice the course and overall facilities are.” Jamie, from Medford, and Kim, from Astoria, both value spending time with their friends and family, while Jamie is the main golfer in the family. The couple has two daughters: Olivia, 6, who loves  ballet, drawing, and playing American… Read More

Meet some of our Newest Members: Tetherow Residents Cynthia and David Strutin!

Starting a new chapter under the “great sweeping sky”  by Kelsi Shelton Soon-to-be Tetherow residents Cynthia and David Strutin say they were immediately captivated by “the openness of the high desert, the spectacular mountain backdrop, and the great, sweeping sky” —three quintessential Central Oregon trademarks that Tetherow residents soak up every day. Although Dr. and Mrs. Strutin won’t technically be establishing residency in their Tetherow home until October, the couple is moving from Eugene to Bend the end of September, and will be staying at Mt. Bachelor Village until their home is complete. Their move to Bend was motivated by, as they explain, the “bounty of outdoor recreation, art and music venues, and great restaurants and breweries.” It felt like… Read More

Meet Some of Tetherow’s Newest Members: The Kent Family

Saying “I Do” to Tetherow by Kelsi Shelton For Joel and Rachel Kent, Tetherow doesn’t just represent relaxation, community, and a challenging game of golf, but it also holds a special place in their heart as the place they said “I do” back in 2010. Rachel, a Central Oregon native, and Joel, originally from Portland, both appreciate the summers, sun, and abundance of outdoor activities Bend has to offer. Joel moved to Bend from Portland in 1998 to open a Central Oregon office of Stahancyk, Kent, and Hook, P.C., a law firm specializing in family law and estate planning. Rachel teaches high intensity interval classes and strength classes at the Athletic Club of Bend, (where she was just honored with… Read More

Meet Mr. & Mrs. Sole: Golfing Their Heart Out at Tetherow!

Meet some of Tetherow’s newest Members by Kelsi Shelton Alice and Mark Sole joined Tetherow this past summer, and the decision was in part thanks to fellow Tetherow member Dennis Garbutt. The Soles explain that Mr. Garbutt was a “great salesman”, and in addition to Garbutt touting the many benefits of a Tetherow Membership, the couple has also been following Tetherow since 2007. They found that they “loved everything about Tetherow”, but knew that they needed to wait until they actually moved to Bend to seal the deal. Mr. and Mrs. Sole built a home in Northwest Crossing which was completed in July of 2011, and they were able to move to Bend full time the following April. From San… Read More

New Tetherow Homeowners: Meet the Alexander-Anderson Family!

by Kelsi Shelton Recent Tetherow homeowners Wendy and Judy are all about investing in their community, the outdoors and continuing to learn all they can in this life. Judy, passionate about helping dogs, has just recently started building a second career as a dog trainer. Wendy grew up on skis and her mountain bike (and now is also into road biking and triathlons). It is easy to see how Bend is a great fit for the two, who just moved here a year ago. Wendy, originally from northern California, is happy to be on the West Coast again after spending the past eight years on the opposite side of the country. After living in five other states since graduating from high school,… Read More

Some of Tetherow’s Newest Members – Welcome Stevens Family!

by Kelsi Shelton Mr. and Mrs. Don and Susie Stevens had a pretty odd welcoming 23 years ago when they moved to Bend from Cincinnati, Ohio with their then one-year-old son Donny. Just two weeks after moving into their Sunrise Village home, the Awbrey-Hall fire (which was the same fire that removed trees from the Tetherow development) almost destroyed their new place. As they recall, it was “quite an introduction to life in the forest.” But aside from this little hiccup, the two knew Bend was for them and have felt welcomed ever since. Originally, Mrs. Stevens was “a valley girl from So-Cal”, and Mr. Stevens was “a lad from Indiana.” Once living in Cincinnati, the two were sold on… Read More

New Members: Meet the Sole Family

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Sole: Golfing Their Heart Out at Tetherow! Alice and Mark Sole joined Tetherow this past summer, and the decision was, in part, thanks to fellow Tetherow member Dennis Garbutt. The Sole’s explain that Mr. Garbutt was a “great salesman”, and in addition to Garbutt touting the many benefits of a Tetherow membership, the couple has also been following Tetherow since 2007. They found that they “loved everything about Tetherow”, but knew that they needed to wait until they actually moved to Bend to seal the deal. Mr. and Mrs. Sole built a home in Northwest Crossing which completed in July of 2011, and they were able to move to Bend full time the following April. From… Read More

Meet the Mastalir Family

New Members: The Mastalir Family Meet some of our newest Junior Executive Members! by Kelsi Shelton Please welcome Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Anne Mastalir to Tetherow! The Mastalirs joined the club in July and officially moved to Bend from Portland on Labor Day weekend. The “sheer beauty of the natural landscape, access to outdoors and lack of rain” made Central Oregon an obvious choice for them. They say: “We feel like we are on vacation all the time!” Tetherow Golf Club attracted Mark and Anne for similar reasons. They appreciate the “natural beauty” of the course and have several friends who are Members as well. The Mastalirs are excited to now have easier access to golf and to improve… Read More

Meet the Vlach Family

The Newest Generational Members at Tetherow Jeremy and Amy Vlach are new Generational Members at Tetherow, although they are certainly not new to the Club itself.  Jeremy’s dad (Roger Vlach) is a member and homeowner at Tetherow and when they learned about the generational membership, they, along with Jeremy’s brother Travis, his wife Kelly and son Canon decided to join. They live in The Parks at Broken Top so they are literally right down the street.  Initially they were attracted here by the golf course and soon came to love the employees that provide the Club’s personality. Jeremy was born and raised in Bend and moved back after attending Lewis & Clark College on a football scholarship. Amy, originally from… Read More

The Cushings Celebrate their 25th Anniversary!

Each year, Tetherow members John and Judy Cushing celebrate their December 31st wedding anniversary by wearing their original wedding garb from 1986. This year, they graced Tetherow’s presence on New Years Eve, ringing in the New Year and ringing in their 25thwedding anniversary. For some belated Valentines Day inspiration, I asked them to share what makes their marriage work, how they fell in love, and what keeps them going strong as a married couple.  Q)      Tell us a bit about your tradition of wearing your wedding clothes every year for your anniversary on New Years Eve. A) Wearing our wedding clothes every New Years Eve helps us remember that night.  Our favorite part is that they still fit well enough that… Read More