Tetherow Green

Central Oregon’s rich landscape is the perfect backdrop for our multi-faceted resort. Our 700 acres wind through a peaceful forest clearing rich with wildlife and character. Tetherow has pledged to ensure environmentally sound philosophies and practices are integrated into nearly every aspect of the resort’s development.



Committed to preserving the natural landscape, Tetherow is an Audubon International Certified Signature Sanctuary and was the first golf course in Oregon to achieve the certification. Tetherow’s pledge to ensuring environmentally sound philosophies and practices are integrated into nearly every aspect of the course development and on-going agronomic practices that support sustainability and environmental excellence.

Harvesting from within

With 700 acres at our fingertips, we are proud to use building materials from our own property. Some of the natural resources found on site that were used during construction include plant material, rock and soil. For instance, the rock fascia on the buildings, patio and pool area is tri-colored basalt. It was mined from Hole 13 of the golf course and used throughout the clubhouse, outbuildings, pathways and patio areas. We’ve also preserved rock piles and snags to provide shelter along the golf course for native animals.

Buildings such as the Golf Academy, the snack shack and the comfort stations feature “living roofs” made up of native vegetation. Various monuments around the resort use rocks found on the property, many of which weigh more than 5 tons each!

Additionally, a majority of the plants that must be moved for development are replanted throughout the resort. Because Tetherow is committed to preserving its natural landscape, much of the vast native vegetation was either left untouched or replanted throughout the property during resort construction.

Course Maintenance

Tetherow has 160 acres of total golf course property and 9 acres of lakes and wetlands. Eighty of the 160 acres were left natural or were re-naturalized, and 80 acres are maintained turfgrass. (The average Bend-area course has approx 110-130 acres of maintained turfgrass.)

Tetherow’s course uses many products that are either sustainable in their production or come from a waste product. We use fertilizers that contain plant waste, chicken waste and kelp that is harvested and processed in Ireland. We also create our own beneficial microbes that keep our ponds clean and clear, help with our nutrient release from our soils, produce better soil structure and control the mosquito population.


Tetherow has established wildlife corridors to aid in the migration of native fauna and fowl and preserved snags, rock and brush piles throughout the property as natural habitat for smaller animals. With the help of East Cascades Audubon Society, ongoing efforts promote and protect various bird species by placing bird and bat boxes around the course. In particular, we are working to provide nesting habitat for the Lewis’s woodpecker, which is currently on the endangered species watch list. More than 45 different species of wildlife have been spotted on the property, including great blue herons, Rocky Mountain elk, deer, ducks, osprey, marmots, bunnies, coyotes, countless birds, frogs, bats and so much more.


This is our home, too! We work hard to incorporate sustainability into our daily operations and business model as often as possible. Explore below to learn about our daily commitments to honoring this amazing planet.