Golf Season Wrapping Up With Cross Country Golf Day

The first weekend in November marks the end of golf — for now

By Nathaniel Kitt


It is truly hard to believe that we only have a few more days of golfing at Tetherow in 2016. But it is the situation we find ourselves in. With that being said, let’s make the very best of what is still here for us.

golfThe weather is looking seasonal, and the course is playing wonderfully still! With this past weekend’s inaugural Death Row in the history books and our annual Cross Country Golf day upcoming, there are quite literally still hundreds of golfers taking advantage of playing opportunities!

About a month ago, two members emailed me with the subject line, “Death row October 27?” and the body reading, “Scramble. How do we schedule.” Clearly, there was a thought there, and after a couple breakfast sandwiches a couple days later, the tournament was born. We were shooting for 30-40 players, so to have 90 players on the day of, our dream truly became reality. A huge round of applause must be given to Pat Worley for those clever emails, and to Erik Loberg, who birthed the idea and coddled it to be the teenager full of angst we saw this past week. It was truly a blast for me to use some creativity and collaborative critical thinking with Erik while we drove around the course selecting tees and hole locations. Everyone is incredibly excited to grow this event and hold it year after year!

This Saturday, Nov. 5, we will host a smaller end of the season “dogfight,” that has been given the unique moniker of The Hibernating Rockchuck. Amongst the golf staff, we have been playing matches all year long, with the winner claiming a special rockchuck headcover. We will have an 18-hole shootout with a 5-hole elimination playoff to determine in whose bag the “rockchuck” will hibernate in for the offseason. We want to open the event to all those interested (members and golf staff). Come on out and enjoy the last day of “regulation golf” at Tetherow this year!

Finally, we will be hosting Cross Country Golf this Sunday for our closing day festivities. It is unfortunate that we close down the course for play during the cooler months, but it gives us a reason to have a wonderful tradition to send the season off with a bang! Our routing will be even more creative this year (mostly due to a lot of our sight lines being limited with new house construction), but we promise to have a great course for you all! We recommend signing up as a foursome in which you will be paired up as “eight-somes” and can play competitive scramble matches (recommended format). We will have light refreshments throughout your round which will be set up as tee times starting at 11:30 a.m.

We look forward to seeing everyone this week for those last few rounds of the year!