Tetherow Partners with Breedlove to Offer In-Room Instruments

The new program boasts three guitars and a mandolin available to guests.

By Yoko Minoura


Thanks to a partnership with a local instrument maker, guests at Tetherow can now recreate the experience of gathering around a fire for a group singalong without leaving the comfort of their hotel room.

breedlove_v2Tetherow Lodges now has three guitars and one mandolin available for guests courtesy of Two Old Hippies Stringed Instruments. The company’s Bend-based division designs and manufactures acoustic guitars, bass guitars and mandolins under the imprints Breedlove, Bedell and Weber.

Sami Mulhern, director of marketing and artist relations, said offering instruments is both great exposure for the instrument maker and a way to enhance the guest experience.

“To be able to come back to the hotel and have that comfort of playing guitar is a really nice perk, to have that camaraderie and ability to sit together and chill and relax,” she said. “It’s just cumbersome for people to travel with their instruments.”

She said offering the instruments at Tetherow is the outgrowth of an informal partnership that began with the Oxford Hotel in downtown Bend, where they have provided guitars for guests for several years.

“We’re not reaching out to every single resort in Bend; we’ve handpicked several – (places) that are going to best support the product we have, (that have) the clientele, that are all a little bit unique,” Mulhern said.

The care that has gone into resort selection is hardly surprising, considering the care that goes into the design and construction of the instruments. The first Breedlove instruments were custom-built; many of the guitars built today are still handcrafted here in Bend.

One of the guitars on offer at Tetherow is the Breedlove Oregon Concert guitar – what Mulhern calls their “flagship” model. The body is made with myrtlewood and Sitka spruce, both native to the Pacific Northwest; the combination provides clarity and balance to low, middle and high notes and responds well to a variety of playing styles, according to Breedlove’s website.

“We’re very proud of what we build, how we build it and why we build it,” Mulhern said. “Being a part of Central Oregon is part of who we are internally, and it inspires so much of the product we design.”

While the company largely works through its dealers in Oregon, Washington and internationally, it will be holding a warehouse sale in November to clear out blemished models and prototypes. A new Bend showroom is set to open spring of next year.