There’s Still Plenty of Golf Left to Play at Tetherow

The season may be winding down, but exciting golf events remain on the horizon.

By Nathaniel Kitt


The leaves have fallen and the nights are cooler. Welcome to October in the High Desert! Although snow might start flurrying at higher elevations, there is still plenty of golf left to be played this autumn. Hopefully, one or more of the upcoming golf events entices you to come on out and enjoy the course a few more times.

golfOctober 4th marked the second annual Breast Cancer Awareness golf event. In a simple effort to raise awareness and support those currently or having previously fought breast cancer, we played nine holes, had lunch and enjoyed a great day of camaraderie.

The ever-popular progressive dinner on the course will be taking place on Friday, October 14th starting at 4:00 p.m. We will have appetizers and beverages prepared and served on the course and then feature a special “behind-the-scenes” look at the newly opened Pavilion and catering kitchen. Even though the spotlight is on Chef Zac’s creations, we will offer a couple chances for competition on the course, so bring your “A” game! If you are searching for a place for your little ones, we are offering child care during the event as well, so there are truly no excuses now.

In a little over a month, we will be closing down the course, but that can only mean one thing… CROSS COUNTRY GOLF TIME! For those new to this event, we will close the course in a way only Tetherow can muster: Rain, shine, sleet or snow, we will tee off on a very unique routing that will be played as a walking-only adventure. We might tee off on top of the snack bar. We might play to a hole cut on a tee box. We might play holes backwards, sideways, or over construction zones. That is the beauty of this event… it is ALL FUN! So, put together your eight-person “squads” for the most interesting event of the year. We’ll be sure to keep you all free from thirst and hunger as you trek around the cross-country layout!

With the course playing as good as it has all year thanks to Chris Condon, Randy Marshall and the rest of the crew, we ask you to be considerate of our cart path-only restriction that went into effect October 3rd. There are many reasons why we limit cart traffic to only concrete paths this time of year, but the biggest is to provide an opportunity for the grass plants to heal themselves going into the winter months and come out healthy and vibrant next spring! We appreciate your support and stewardship of YOUR CLUB!

Nathaniel Kitt, PGA