The Time is Now to Book Your Holiday Gatherings at Tetherow

“Even though Christmas seems like it’s really far away – I mean, we haven’t even gotten to Halloween yet – it’s time to book now.”

By McKenna Brown


If there’s one thing Director of Sales Kristi DiTullio wants you to know about hosting a holiday party at Tetherow, it’s this: “Book now!”

holiday-gatherings“The sooner the better,” she said. “Even though Christmas seems like it’s really far away – I mean, we haven’t even gotten to Halloween yet – it’s time to book now.”

Reservations for weekends during the holiday season starting rolling in as early as last year, when many companies and organizations found they had too many people to host their parties in the Clubhouse. Tetherow’s new Event Pavilion, though, can accommodate upwards of 300 people in the enormous Newberry Zaal banquet room, where many of those same companies are celebrating this year.

There are plenty of options for smaller gatherings, too. The Newberry Zaal room can be broken up with soundproof dividers into three smaller rooms – Obsidian, Newberry and Basalt — capable of hosting up to 90 people each. Or combine two of those rooms together to fit your size needs! But be warned, the Basalt room will likely be booked up before the others, and for good reason: the Pavilion’s showpiece fireplace is in that room.

Weather permitting, guests can also enjoy the event terrace and fire pit, which DiTullio says puts off a surprising amount of heat. Event staff can also provide portable heaters to help make the outdoor space just as cozy as the indoor.

Banquet Chef Miguel Mendoza has developed a cozy, seasonal holiday menu for winter gatherings. Entrees such as elk shepherd pie, bacon jammed Wagyu sirloin, or salmon with spiced orange glaze are accompanied by butternut bisque, warm panzanella arugula salad and roasted garlic mashed potatoes, among other sides. For dessert there’s the traditional pumpkin and pecan pies, but Mendoza’s ace up his sleeve is the triple gingersnap cookies – a famous family recipe.

And if partygoers want to make a night of it, Tetherow Lodges offers group room rates for parties as well.

“I’m excited about being able to do parties of 75 to 100, or more, without having to close The Grill and without disrupting restaurant service,” DiTullio said. “Last year we were utilizing literally ever corner of that Clubhouse, and now it just makes it more enjoyable for people. And it’s such a beautiful space.”

For those still deciding on what day to hold their party, just know that New Year’s Eve is off the table. A couple has already booked that night to ring in the new year with a wedding.