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Employee Spotlight – Jordan Ropp

For this month’s employee spotlight, Tetherow wants to introduce native Oregonian, Jordan Ropp. Ropp was raised on a 2,500-acre family farm in Albany, Ore. and went on to attend Oregon State University where he received a degree in Exercise and Sports Science. Now, along with being the first assistant golf professional, Ropp oversees operations at our fitness facility, Tetherow Sport. Let’s learn some more about Ropp’s journey and how he came to be such an important part of the Tetherow team!

After graduating from Oregon State University and receiving his certification as an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, Ropp landed his first PGA professional career at Waikoloa Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii. During his time in Hawaii, he developed a personal relationship with David McLay Kidd, the designer of Tetherow’s golf course. Ultimately, McLay Kidd encouraged Ropp to pursue a career with Tetherow, an opportunity that provided him experience with a steadily growing and flourishing resort.

Ropp attributes his skills and successes at Tetherow to the experience he gained from his PGA apprenticeship at Waikoloa Resort. Since starting at Tetherow, Ropp has served various positions in the golf department. Recently the opportunity arose for Ropp to take on additional responsibility at Tetherow Sport. Serving both positions, Ropp is able to bring his immense experience and education with golf, exercise and sports science full circle. Ropp sees his involvement in both the PGA and fitness arenas as a huge accomplishment for his professional growth.

Ropp is excited about his expanding role here at Tetherow. Not only does he value interactions with members and guests at the resort, but he is committed to providing quality experiences for everyone at Tetherow. Ropp’s passion for his career, hard work ethic and optimistic attitude are just a few of the many reasons why Ropp is a sure fit for Tetherow’s employee spotlight.

Outside of work, Ropp is passionate about his faith and his family. During his off hours you can find him with his wife and his daughter, or hitting the course with the golf crew at Tetherow.