How to Throw a Great Holiday Party

Tips and Tricks from the Sales Team at Tetherow

by Yoko Minoura

The best advice for throwing an outstanding holiday party is very simple: plan ahead.

As a matter of fact, according to Tetherow Director of Sales, Kristi DiTullio, it’s not too early to start thinking about December 2018.

If you want to hold your party at the clubhouse or in the Event Pavilion this winter you’ll have to be flexible, and think creatively. Although the property can hold a total of five small parties – or one large party and two to three smaller ones – every Friday and Saturday in December is booked, DiTullio said. The last available spots on those days were snapped up in July.
But if you’re willing to be flexible about the day of the week or even the month, Tetherow can take care of the rest.

“Some businesses, if they have it on a weekday, give their employees the next day off. A luncheon works out really well,” DiTullio said. And some businesses have elected to hold their annual party in January, where there is more availability and rental rates are lower.

For the intrepid souls willing to host a party at a private venue, preparation is vital to a successful event.

First of all, party hosts need to make sure they have enough tables and chairs for everyone, particularly if it will be a dinner party. And they should consider what kind of decorations and atmosphere they would like, as well.

Wedding and Event Sales Manager, Shelly Mirabile, said the resort offers plenty in the way of holiday spirit, with a Christmas tree in the foyer of the Event Pavilion, evergreen swags and lights on most buildings, but guests are also welcome to request or provide table centerpieces or other items.

And because Tetherow hosts weddings and other events, the resort maintains a preferred vendor list – local businesses that can provide a DJ, photo booth or other entertainment and can be trusted to meet or exceed professional standards.

Next, hosts who want to go at it alone should make sure they have enough food and booze for everyone. Tetherow’s banquet and event department can provide offsite catering, but DiTullio said the general rule is five to eight servings of heavy appetizers per person for a cocktail party, or three to eight light appetizers for a dinner party. As for drinks, most people consume two drinks in the first hour, and one per hour thereafter.

Finally, hosts should consider transportation – particularly, encouraging guests to carpool and designate a driver or take a cab if parking is limited and guests plan to imbibe, Mirabile said.

Both Mirabile and DiTullio said, however, that by booking at Tetherow, hosts can avoid having to plan all the details and – perhaps more importantly – avoid having to clean up afterward.

“They don’t have to do anything but show up,” DiTullio said, and still enjoy a great party. “We get compliments after every event about our food, our staff, and our location.”