Meet Our New Members – The McCleans

Mike and Judy McClean Moved In Just Before Thanksgiving

Mike and Judy McClean are new Tetherow residents and social Members as of the day before Thanksgiving. The builder worked hard to have their new home ready in time to cook for their family for the big holiday, but they could only find two forks and two paper plates!

The McCleans moved from the San Luis Obispo countryside where they owned a vineyard in Paso Robles and a specialty food market, and Judy was a third grade teacher. But their daughter, son-in-law, and 2-year-old grandson moved to Bend, so you can understand why they were suddenly so motivated to make a change!

After many road trips in search of the right house, they say they got lucky discovering Tetherow. Tetherow offered one of the rare floor plans they were hoping to find: One story, three-car garage, a great view, and a game room for their ping-pong and backgammon tables.

Mike is an avid fly-fisherman, skier and is a member of the High Desert Corvette Club, and he loves to ride his motorcycle. Judy is a kayaker and float-tuber, and she loves the gym. Together they’re looking forward to dusting off their bicycles and heading out to the nearest Tetherow trail as soon as the snow melts.

They are often enjoying a meal at the Row. Please stop and say “Hi!” and maybe you’ll have time for a glass of wine!