The Brandts, Tetherow and The Ultimate Safari Options!

Dylan Brandt and Liz Sumner Met on Safari in South Africa

Dylan Brandt and Liz Sumner, new Designee Golf Members, say they’ll “go to the ends of the Earth to experience something that’s authentic, friendly, wild and beautiful.” And they mean that literally!

The two met on safari in South Africa – Liz was visiting with her family and Dylan was the head guide for Singita, a safari company there. “Before I went to Africa, someone told me that ‘safari is life-changing,’” Liz says. “And they were absolutely right!”

Dylan moved to the U.S. in 2015 (bringing to a close the VERY long-distance chapter of their relationship) and the two lovebirds made their home in Bend, where they’ve opened up a boutique safari business. They like to work with clients face-to-face to set up their dream safari vacation; as Liz says, “we’re a bit counter-culture that way!”

Liz and Dylan are super excited about a trip they’re hoping to put together next year for Tetherow Members: “Tetherow on Safari,” which Dylan will lead personally! “(We hope to) combine some spectacular safari destinations with a few of South Africa’s amazing golf courses,” says Liz. The planning is still in the early stages, but if any Members are interested or have ideas for this amazing getaway, please contact Dylan at dylan@brandtsafaris.com or Liz at liz@brantsafaris.com.

You’ll be sure to see these two around Tetherow, so please make them feel welcome! They love to fly-fish, golf, camp, hike and bike, and they try to take their labradoodle on most of their excursions. They look forward to making lots of Tetherow friends and swapping adventure stories, whether they took place on the plains of the Serengeti or the Deschutes.

“We count ourselves very lucky in how things have come together to allow us to land so happily in Bend,” Liz says. “We love the community and we love Tetherow!”