Meet Our New Members – The Harless Family

New members Keith and Sue Harless have seen a lot of change take place in Bend, but have always been attracted to the Westside and all the opportunities it holds. Both longtime residents, Keith living here for 40 years and Sue the past 26, they watched Tetherow grow and were specifically drawn to Tripleknot for its ease of living.

Both Sue and Keith have had fulfilling careers that involved teaching. Keith was the first pulmonary and critical care medicine specialist here in Central Oregon. After 35 years he retired in 2012 having taught OHSU medical students since 1981. Sue has always been in education and owned her own business here in Bend coaching college students from all over the country be successful in their education.

A Washingtonian, Keith was raised north of Seattle and trained in Portland, Hanover and Salt Lake City. Sue was raised in both New York and Connecticut, but began her family in Vermont. Between the two of them they have four children. Wendy – an equine internal medicine specialist who is married and has a daughter, Brian – a 757 United Airlines pilot who is married and with a daughter, Greta – mother of their four grandsons, married and here in Bend, and Anders – a freight broker at Satellite Transportation in Bend.

When they aren’t enjoying hiking and fly fishing in Central Oregon, Keith and Sue enjoy sailing, spending time in Kauai with the family, and spending several weeks a year in their travel trailer exploring the rest of America. George, their Maltese, loves to join them on their road travels as well.

In addition to travels to Italy, Germany, and a visit to Machu Picchu and the Galápagos, Keith and Sue Harless look forward to meeting other Tetherow members.

Welcome to Tetherow, Harless family!