New Solomon’s Menu & New Chefs

Tetherow is delighted to introduce our two new chefs, Nick Thompson and Matt Matheny, who have been spearheading the revitalization of the Solomon’s menu! Nick hails from Chicago where he attended Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts and has previously worked in Portland at such restaurants as the Picnic House and Tasty and Alder. Matt, from Houston, has been in the industry since the age of sixteen and moved to Bend six years ago to work at Pronghorn Resort. Before landing at Tetherow, Nick and Matt were a dynamic duo at Bend’s own Bos Taurus where they worked on perfecting their skills and developing their sense of creativity which is reflected in the Solomon’s menu!

Cooking, experimenting, and creating delicious food are both Nick and Matt’s passion. A passion that is only rivaled by one thing, their love of music. When we asked Matt what is one thing he could never give up his answer was short and sweet – music. Nick, being a music fanatic as well, has seen Dave Matthews Band roughly three dozen times! Wow!

Coupled with the breathtaking views of the Cascade Mountain Range and the chef’s introductory menu, there is no better time to experience Solomon’s for the first time! Nick and Matt are on a mission to bring Solomon’s to the next level and make it the top option in Bend’s ever-growing restaurant scene.

Check out the new menu here.