Spring Skiing and Spring Golf at Tetherow!

Spring brings a unique charm to outdoor enthusiasts, offering a blend of activities that cater to diverse interests. Two such activities that see a surge in popularity during the spring months are skiing and golf, each offering a distinct experience that can be enjoyed amidst the changing seasons. Bend’s Tetherow offers this unique opportunity to ski and golf in the same day, making the most of the season’s diverse offerings. This duality of spring sports allows individuals to experience the thrill of winter sports while embracing the onset of warmer, outdoor activities.

Skiing in the spring is an experience like no other. As winter’s grip loosens, the mountains remain draped in snow, yet the days grow longer and sunnier, providing skiers with the perfect conditions to enjoy the slopes without the biting cold. The snow, often referred to as “corn” due to its granular texture, is ideal for carving turns and enjoying a more leisurely pace down the mountain.


Just 20 minutes up the road from Tetherow, Mt. Bachelor offers skiing throughout the spring. Additionally, spring skiing often comes with fewer crowds, allowing for a more relaxed and personal experience on the slopes. Mountain activities in the spring also take on a more festive atmosphere, with outdoor decks and music becoming a common sight, inviting skiers to bask in the sun after a day on the slopes. Mt Bachelor offers spring events including the Burton Mystery Series, PrideFest, April WinterFest, Rendezvan and themed Passholder parties. Tetherow offers a shuttle to Mt Bachelor for lodging guests for an easy snow day!

Hoodoo, another ski experience with a local flair and the only night skiing options in Central Oregon (about 50 mins from Tetherow) offers spring events such as pond skimming, VikingFest and a snowy Easter Egg Hunt.

On the other hand, golfers eagerly anticipate the arrival of spring to hit the links. After months of colder, inhospitable weather, the spring offers a rejuvenating backdrop green and milder temperatures, perfect for a day out on the course. Tetherow’s course is scheduled to open Sun, March 24 (weather dependent). Learn about why our course closes in the winter and check out the early spring rates and tee times.  Early season spring golf offers a softer ground and more favorable weather conditions which can contribute to better play and lower scores, making spring a favorite season for golfers looking to improve their game. Lessons and clinics will set up your entire season for success and remember that Tetherow lodging guests get special rates on the course.

Whether carving through the last of the winter’s snow or teeing off surrounded by spring’s vibrant life, the season offers a splendid canvas for both skiers and golfers to pursue their passions. No need to choose between the activities; you can do both while you’re here! Contact us to schedule your Bend, Oregon vacation with the excitement of spring golf and skiing.