Tetherow Celebrates National Bird Day

Here’s something to crow about—National Bird Day is January 5th!

Situated on 700 acres of rich desert land nourished by forests and glacial waters, it is no wonder that Tetherow boasts a variety of avian wildlife that you will rarely find elsewhere—songbirds, game birds, waterfowl, raptors, woodpeckers, and more.

Our feathered friends have a special place in our hearts, and not just for one day of the year. Tetherow has pledged to preserve the natural landscape and the animals that call it home. Whether it’s minimizing the use of pesticides and fertilizers, hosting seminars on ornithology, or conserving energy in our lodge rooms, our commitment to birds is evident throughout the property—and particularly so on the golf course.

Tetherow is the first golf course in Oregon to be named an Audubon International Certified Signature Sanctuary and one of only 87 similarly recognized golf course sanctuaries worldwide. The bird-focused non-profit is a bluebird on our shoulder, guiding our development and management with an eye on sustainable practices. Tetherow has built wildlife corridors to help migrating critters cross our property. And you may have noticed the 80 bird and bat boxes posted around the golf course with the goal of encouraging and safeguarding local populations.

Members are also instrumental in helping us protect the birds. Cal Elshoff and his friends count nesting populations each year. The Cox family has been known to build tiny steps and place them by street curbs to assist quail chicks in their journey to the brush.

But it’s the Lewis’s woodpecker that has our special attention. This rare bird is working its way up from the endangered watch list. It is hard to miss with its iridescent green plumage and red cheeks. Tetherow works with the Cascade Bird Conservancy to encourage this unique species to nest here: Eight birds boxes have been customized and strategically placed around the property to suit “Lewis.”

Our conservation efforts are not without their perks. Bird watching is a common hobby for Tetherow Members and guests. Feel free to grab some binoculars and walk the golf course in the spring and summer months. You can find hummingbirds, killdeer, flycatchers, chickadees, eagles…. maybe even a great blue heron wading in the lake at Hole 6.

Winter has it’s own crowd. Though half of Central Oregon’s birds migrate, there are many fun species that enjoy the snow. Canada geese, dark-eyed juncos, merlins, and kestrels are just a few of the notable ones.

The great horned owl is active right now, so don’t miss it! A Tetherow darling, this nocturnal predator sports a robust body, yellow eyes, and the formidable “horns” of a Disney villain. Eggs are commonly laid in late winter in downed trees, cavities, or the abandoned nests of red-tailed hawks. Take a night walk in the next few weeks and you may hear their courting duet.

Have a special story or photograph of a Tetherow bird that you’d like to share? Please reach out to or “tweet” us at @TetherowResort.

And please have fun celebrating National Bird Day on January 5th! We encourage you to bird watch on the new single-track trail or enjoy our famous Scotch eggs in the Row.