Jim works at Tetherow


Employee Spotlight: Jim Purdy Celebrates 5 Years at Tetherow

Join us in celebrating Jim Purdy on his five-year anniversary with Tetherow!

Jim Purdy, Maintenance Manager, knows how Tetherow ticks. Since relocating to Bend in February 2014, Jim has been an indispensable part of our team. Whether it’s changing a light bulb or troubleshooting an intricate heating system, Jim and his team are always here to ensure the property is in perfect health.

His journey began in Medford, Oregon. Jim grew up there and earned the Eagle Scout rank. His diligence and leadership qualities followed him throughout his raising of a family and 25-year construction career. Never shying away from home improvement projects, Jim picked up an impressive skillset in carpentry, plumbing, and electrical along the way, leading to a managerial role at St. Mary’s School.

So when Tetherow found itself in need of a maintenance manager of its own, there was only one man for the job.

“The gorgeous location,” Jim says when asked what he loves most about working at Tetherow. He mountain bikes and skis in his free time. “The people, too.”

The people—particularly his employees—appreciate Jim, as well. The maintenance department has grown from three to seven workers since the opening of the lodge and will most likely expand more with the fleet of new vacation homes popping up around the property.

When asked about their boss, his team has nothing but praise.

“We’re a big family to him and he treats us like that,” says Shawn. “He’s compassionate and makes sure you’re taken care of. He is exceptional at multi-tasking and has a way of deflating conflicts so both people leave the room feeling validated and content.”

“He won’t ask you to do anything he won’t do himself,” adds Mike.

“I haven’t worked here long,” says Kanani, the newest technician. “But Jim is super cool. He came to my 50th birthday and met my family.”

Housekeeping and Guest Services also know that if you need something tuned up—(maybe one of the 13 heaters and air conditioners, 14 toilets, 45 sinks, and 5 fire suppression systems in the Clubhouse alone)—whether it’s pre-dawn or near midnight, in snow or sunshine, Jim and his team will get it done.

This year marks more than Jim’s five-year anniversary. He became a grandfather twice over and got his passport. When asked where he might fly to first, he mentioned the brewery tours in Belgium and Germany. We wish him fun adventures and look forward to 2019’s golf season with him at the helm.