Fall is an Unbeatable Time to Experience Golf in Bend

Once the kids head back to school to hit the books, it’s an ideal time for their parents (among others) to hit the links, according to Tetherow staff.

Although there are only two months left in golf season, Golf Group Sales Manager Grant Zimmerman – a dedicated player himself – said September and October are among his favorite times of year.

While the weather remains good, the course opens up considerably. It’s easier to get popular tee times and play at your own pace, without worrying about groups behind you. Zimmerman said it’s great for golf neophytes, as makes for a less intimidating experience overall.

“If you’re nervous on a busy summer day, especially about holding up the pace of play, fall is a good time to come out and learn,” Zimmerman said. “It’s easier to play at your own speed.”

And while staffing is lighter in the fall, Zimmerman said the slower pace – both on and off the course – means players can hone their skills and get as much guidance as they like.

“It’s a great time to get out, feel relaxed, get one-on-one attention from the golf staff,” Zimmerman said. “The people that are here in the fall, you pretty much get their undivided attention.”

Lower temperatures also mean more moisture remains on the course, making Tetherow’s famously firm and fast greens slightly softer and slower, Zimmerman said. And while carts are restricted to paved paths during the fall, players can take advantage of the fleet of Golf Boards, which are allowed on the course year-round.

Aerification of the greens also takes place in the fall, but course maintenance generally schedules it just after Labor Day, meaning the course has healed by mid-September.

One slight offbeat benefit of spending time on the course during the change of seasons involves the wildlife.

“The species of birds on the course change completely. The wildlife changes; you see more elk,” Zimmerman said. ‘Being an Oregonian and enjoying the seasons, it’s nice to golf in the crisp (fall) air.”

He added there’s one final benefit to hitting the course in the fall that has little to do with golf: it’s the beginning of football season.

“You can play a round of golf and (then) catch a football game,” Zimmerman said. “It’s a great opportunity for after-golf food or beverages in the Member’s Lounge or The Row.”

“It’s just a fun atmosphere on weekends,” he said.