Happy Birthday, Chris van der Velde!

The Tetherow family wished our Managing Partner Chris van der Velde a very happy birthday on January 17th!

It’s been a decade since Tetherow started its journey to becoming a top-ten golf course (Golf Digest) and the #1 resort in Oregon (Condé Nast Traveler 2018). Chris has been instrumental to this success, driving the brand from the beginning with his unparalleled work ethic and experience as a professional golfer.

You may know the story: Chris discovered the game of golf while he attended Boston College. Practice and dedication earned him a place on the traveling squad as a junior and an honorable mention All-American title as a senior. At age 23, he was competing in the European mini-tours. He turned pro not long after, playing in Europe from 1989-1999 with an 18-month stint in Atlanta, Georgia.

After a long and successful pro-golf career (81 European Tour events with 22 finishes in the money and one top-ten finish), Chris turned to other avenues in the sport. He coached the Dutch national team when they won the Amateur World Cup in 2006, and created his own teaching system called Total Golf.

In 2009, Chris purchased Tetherow Golf Course with friend and business partner Willem Willemstein.

In honor of his birthday (and Tetherow’s 10 years), here are ten more little-known facts about Chris:

  • He has completed over 1,000 days of ice baths. Tubs, rivers, lakes—you name it, he’s done it and swears by the anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Some people decorate their desks with potted plants or electric pencil sharpeners. Chris has an espresso machine. Taking an average of ten caffeinated shots a day, it’s no wonder he gets a lot done.
  • His first car was a Datsun 240z.
  • He went skydiving this summer for the first time. He can also often be found rock climbing at the Bend Rock Gym.
  • His first job was delivering newspapers at age 14.
  • Growing up, his parents were members of a country club, but Chris played just a few times. He only discovered the game as an adult.
  • Winter never slows his game. In college, he built a small swinging cage in his apartment and practiced regularly while the rest of the team was relaxing in the off-season.
  • He was originally studying to be a doctor and majored in biology. He attended Boston College as a scholarship track athlete before turning to golf.
  • He was once on a competitive bowling team. His highest score was 242.
  • He is a dual citizen of the Netherlands and lived there for 16 years. He and Erin (his wife and Tetherow’s Project Manager) raised three children there.

Chris will be celebrating his 55th in Hawaii this year. Instead of a birthday cake, he’s opting for a “chocolate purse,” his favorite dessert.

When he returns, it’s back to work. Tetherow is charging ahead in 2019 with many fun new projects. Chris is particularly excited for the two-bedroom cottages currently under construction. The first one should be completed in March.

Here’s to another great year. Cheers!