Meet The Rafails

The Rafails moved from Newport Beach, CA a year ago to enjoy all the activities that Bend has to offer. Sam, Sarah, and their 4 children all love to be very active and they knew Bend was a place to pursue these hobbies. Tetherow was a place where they could enjoy the scenery, its sense of community and Tetherow’s “amazing home designs.” Further, they both knew Tetherow and Bend could provide a great environment for their kids to grow and thrive, where they could also enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities.

Their kids are 9,8,5 and 4 years old and their hobbies include gymnastics, basketball, mountain biking, coding, and all are interested in geology. While they already live a life full of adventure, they also dream of one day seeing penguins in Antarctica and spending a summer in Europe together. They look forward to meeting more of the Tetherow families over the next coming year while their home is being built.

Please welcome Sam, Sarah and their four children to Tetherow!