Sledding on the Range

The magic of sledding

Sledding with kids is like diving into a page of a winter storybook, but way more fun and a lot less quiet! When the snow is deep enough (call us at 541.213.2424 to check) and the conditions are right, Tetherow’s golf range becomes a winter wonderland sledding adventure. It’s all about bundling up in mismatched mittens and goofy hats, dragging those sleds to Tetherow’s range and then – whoosh! Down they go, zipping over the snow, faces lit up with huge grins. It’s a bit of a workout too, climbing back up, but the promise of another speedy ride down makes it worth it. And let’s not forget the impromptu snowball fights, where everyone’s a target and the only rule is to laugh when you get hit.

As the day goes on, the slopes become a mess of sled tracks, and everyone’s a little wet and tired, but no one really cares because it’s just so much fun. There’s something magical about watching the kids zoom down the hill, fearless and free.

When the chill starts to nip at your nose, The Row is open for warm beverages for kids and adults alike. Grab a drink and snack, warm up and head back out for round two on the range.

Can I sled at Tetherow?

Tetherow’s course closes in the winter months and the range becomes a perfect place for sledding fun! Our range is a wonderful location to sled when the snow is deep enough:

  • Bring your own sled and pick up after yourself.
  • No dogs, please. 
  • Use common sense and follow ALL safety signage.
  • Become familiar with potential hazards and scout your route before you go.
  • Warm up with a toasty drink in The Row afterward! Après Ski specials available 2-5 pm daily.
  • Call the Golf Shop to see if conditions are right for sledding 541.213.2424.