Tetherow Sport September Programming

It’s September which for many means back to school and the start of a new routine. It can also mean thinking more seriously about the gym and adding that element back into the routine (and kudos to those that keep the workouts going during summer months). At Tetherow Sport we’re finalizing our fall line-up and have added a few new classes. Remember that TSport isn’t just for members – resort guests are welcome to participate as well (there is a $10 class fee).

Knowing winter is fast approaching we thought we’d better utilize the nice weather and pool while we can; and that is exactly what we’re doing with HYDRO HIIT! This class will have you in the pool utilizing everything from bands to weights and it’s guaranteed to give your entire body a killer workout! Soak in the sun, learn a thing or two, and have fun with friends! HYDRO HIIT will be held Friday, September 14th and Monday, September 17th at 5pm at the Tetherow pool and it’s only $10!

We all know working out is better when you’re doing it with your friends and our Ladies Bodyweight Bootcamp is designed for just that! Grab 2-4 of your girlfriends and connect with Madison Salyer to discuss your goals and let Madison plan your custom Tabata style workout! Tabata is a rapidly growing workout style and classes are only 30-45 minutes each! You’ll have classes twice a week from September 10th through the 28th of the month and at $120 per person that is a fantastic deal! Contact Madison at 865-679-8546 or msalyer@tsport.com for more information!

Sometimes you just need to let the stress out and just dance! Come experience a one of a kind class, danZe, with Sean Hind! This class only happens once a month (and for many it’s a favorite) so make sure you don’t miss it! It’s open to everyone 12 years and older and requires no prior dance experience. Spend 60 minutes dancing, laughing, and having a great time with Sean! The class will be held Tuesday, September 25th at 6:30pm so mark your calendars!

So whether you’re a member or a guest of Tetherow, don’t forget to plan Tetherow Sport into your day or your stay.


*A link to the class schedule can be found here