The Grass is Greener: Why You Should Become a Tetherow Member

by Jesslyn Gillespie

Whether you are a golfer, an active family, or simply someone in search of a lively, welcoming community, there is a Tetherow membership plan meant for you.

Spread over 700 acres of natural terrain with mountain views, Tetherow boasts seven residential neighborhoods, a semi‑private 18‑hole Scottish links championship golf course, a 50‑room boutique hotel, vacation homes, three restaurants, event pavilion, golf academy, a brand new fitness facility with pool, and much more.

Our membership community is equally diverse — this is not your grandfather’s country club, after all — and a magnet for all ages and lifestyles.

Before delving into which plan is right for you, here are the basics:

First, a premier location between downtown and Mt. Bachelor allows Tetherow to embody both of the urban and rural energies that make Bend so desirable. We have a beautiful links‑style golf course and are conveniently located in Bend’s backyard.

Second, Tetherow members maintain a front‑seat focus in all departments. Being a member means more than access. Play with Golf privileges like preferred tee times, discounted golf lessons and greens fees for your guests. Enjoy Social privileges like complimentary room rentals in the clubhouse, and 20% discounts for all food and beverage, merchandise, and hotel stays. Relax after a round of golf at our various bars or get together to watch the game in the popular Member’s Lounge. Spend the day at Tetherow Sport, featuring three fitness studios, pool, hot tub, steam room, sauna, massage, and exercise classes. Celebrate with us at exclusive events: Last season we hosted the Holiday Bazaar, New Year’s Eve bash, and a luau complete with the traditional in-ground roast pig and live music.

Third, we have no minimums. Everything listed above is always for your benefit.

Fourth, you are heard. Since opening with the Tetherow Clubhouse in 2008, we have been growing exponentially with a current total of over 460 members. We value nothing more than member input so that we can evolve alongside your needs.

Fifth, although you must have at least a Social Membership to live in Tetherow, you do not need to live in Tetherow to have a membership. In other words, there are a variety of options for non-real estate owners.

Please see the list below to find your plan!


Tetherow Membership Levels

Resident is included with the purchase of most on‑site property. Membership transferable with sale of home/property. Full Golf and Social privileges.

Non‑Resident –  is for families not living in Tetherow. Full Golf and Social privileges.

Junior Executive – is designed for individuals and families under age 46 and includes a deposit payment plan. Full Golf and Social privileges.

Social is required with property purchase or offered separately. Full Social privileges.

Annual Designee – is designed for the receivers of transferred Resident plans. There is no deposit, initiation fee, or monthly dues. Full Golf and Social privileges.

Generational – is a vertical membership that can cover your parents, grandparents, children, and grandchildren. Full Golf and Social privileges.


Tetherow Vacation Home Membership Levels

Resident Golf – is included with the sale of a home or property. Full Golf and Social privileges, along with the ability to add a Generational Membership.

National Golf – requires the member’s primary residence is at least 100 miles outside of Tetherow. Limited access to Golf and Social privileges with 25 family tee times per season.

Resident Social – is included with the purchase of a vacation home. Full Social privileges.

National Social is included with the purchase of a vacation home and requires the member’s primary residence is at least 100 miles outside of Tetherow. Full Social privileges.