Why we love golf in the fall

Tetherow’s golf course is heading into autumn in optimal condition, thanks to the hard work from our talented golf course maintenance team. Shorter days, gorgeous greens and fewer crowds make for a wonderful late-season golf round. Golfing in the fall can indeed be a fantastic experience for several other reasons:

Weather: The weather during the fall season is often more moderate and comfortable. Crisp air and cooler temperatures make for pleasant golfing conditions in Central Oregon’s High Desert.

Scenic Views: Many golf courses are located in areas with trees that change color during the fall.  Specifically, Tetherow’s golf course glows with autumn colors when the vibrant Rabbitbrush blooms and the fescue grasses turn golden against the green fairways. These create stunning views and enhance the overall golfing experience.

Less Crowded: Golf courses tend to be less crowded in the fall compared to peak summer months.

Course Conditions: Fall weather conditions often result in well-maintained courses. The cooler temperatures and occasional rain can lead to healthy fairways and greens, providing an optimal playing surface.

Golf Apparel: Fall fashion often includes comfortable golf attire like sweaters and jackets that can enhance both your comfort and style on the course. And cute hats!

Challenging Play: Some golfers enjoy the challenge of playing in changing conditions, such as varying wind patterns and cooler temperatures, which can make the game more interesting.

Off-Peak Rates: Some golf courses offer lower rates during the fall as they move away from the peak golf season. Tetherow’s rates adjust for autumn pricing in October and remember that all Tetherow lodging guests receive special rates on the course.

Relaxing Atmosphere: Fall’s tranquility and the quieter ambiance on the course can make for a peaceful and enjoyable golfing experience.

It’s always a good idea to check the weather forecast and course conditions before planning your fall golf outings. Come discover why Tetherow jumped 25 spots in the ‘Top 100 Public Courses in America’ on the Golf Digest 2023-2024 list. Learn more here or call our friendly Golf Shop at 541.213.2424.